Well, it’s time to agree that most of us resort to Instagram to find our daily dose of entertainment and fun, isn’t’ it? This social media platform has so many features that we love using. However, going LIVE feature and connecting with a bunch of talented creators is something we live for! Honestly, it’s the best way to engage, chat and know more about our fave creators and influencers in real-time. Here are a few creators, we went live with on Instagram and loved how each one of them connected with us and their fans so well. So guys, what are y’all waiting for check out all our interesting conversations right here!

Here they are:

1. Melvin Louis

He is a phenomenal dancer, choreographer, and now a social media star too! This live session was quite entertaining as he shared about his journey as well as the first-ever content piece he created. He also spoke about his hair donation to help cancer patients and gave some very insightful tips to all the budding creators out there. Overall, this live session was really inspiring and entertaining.

2. Viraj Ghelani

This live was one of the most entertaining chats we have ever had. Viraj spoke about his YouTube channel called ‘That’s So Viraj’ and gave us a sneak-peek about his future content. He also shared the secret behind creating such relatable content with us and tbh, we had a blast. Our personal fave was the game segment where Viraj got spontaneous and creative with his answers and took us on a rollercoaster ride. If you haven’t watched this one yet, then what are you waiting for?

3. The BOM Squad

Gosh, these girls are dynamites and this live was LIT! All those who love dancing must check this one out. They inspired us to always try and never give up on something we love to do. Not just that, they also revealed some quirky facts about each other. We had a gala time gossiping and learning more about dance and content creation in general with this fun-loving all-girls crew.

4. Shagun Segan a.k.a Eat Trip Click

The best part about these live sessions is that you can connect with anyone from anywhere. Shagun Segan, a popular creator from Hyderabad really had us starving after all the food talk we had. He is such an amazing person and his dedication to creating unique content really makes him stand out from the clutter. This live sesh was nothing but fab!

5. Tuheena Raj a.k.a Words Of Worth

Creators are indeed creative! Tuheena Raj a talented content creator, writer, poet, keynote speaker, TEDx speaker, and much more. Words are her best friends and she believes in expressing herself through writing. We deep-dived into the world of writing with her as her words were so motivating. Also, her advice to all the budding creators out there was quite practical and realistic.

6. Karishma Govil a.k.a Soul Kari

We also had a super chill conversation with the talented Soul Kari. She revealed how she strikes a balance and manages both, her job and content creation. Being the head of the influencer news desk at Miss Malini, she also gave us some insightful tips on how to grow as a content creator and the best part was when we turned the tables around and played some exciting games with her.

Instagram Lives were our saviours that helped us connect and engage with creators all throughout lockdown as well. We really had a good time conversing with them and knowing more about them and content creation in general. All of their advice was quite inspiring and we feel that it would really help those who are looking to enter the digital space. Which creator would you want us to go live with next? Tell us in the comments below!

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