Today, we wish to speak about art and one of the things that come to our mind is tattoos! For a lot of people, tattoos are a way of expressing emotions or holding on to a memory. While some people like to get tattoos for a deeply meaningful reason, others get them just ‘cuz they like to! Either way, we personally love them and find all of them really intriguing. Many of our favourite content creators also have unique tattoos and trust us, we are always so curious about them. So, if you are planning to get a tattoo or just need some inspo, here are some of our fave creators and the amazing tattoos they have got inked.

Check them out!

1. Sejal Kumar

Sejal Kumar is the queen of everyone’s hearts and a lot of us look up to her. On her 26th birthday, she got the word ‘Eunoia‘ tattooed and we love it. The word means ‘beautiful thinking and a well mind’. Sejal also shared a YouTube video on her channel talking about her new tattoo.

2. Mrunal Panchal a.k.a Mrunu

As all of y’all can clearly see in this picture, Mrunu has multiple tattoos. We always find people who get tattoos quite brave and spontaneous! All this ink really adds to Mrunu’s strong vibe and indeed makes her look like a queen. Which of her tattoos do you like the most?

3. Aashna Hegde

Many of us know and love Aashna Hegde for the kind of talented and compassionate woman she is. She is a part of a popular creator group called DamnFam and has a following in tens of thousands. She also has a little sister called Khushi and we all know that the bond between them is super tight. For Khushi’s birthday, Aashna got her initial, ‘K’ tattooed on her arm and tbh, it was the sweetest thing ever! Check out the whole video here.

4. Sanket Mehta

We know it’s hard to look away from Sanket’s gorgeous face but let’s notice the amazing tattoo he has on his forearm. 😛 It’s a super minimalistic tattoo, which says ‘I decide my vibe‘ and honestly it completely suits his suave personality.

5. Anirudh Sharma

Anirudh is a popular creator who all of us love for his cute smile and ever-flowing talent. He has this amazing tattoo on his wrist and we are in absolute awe of it. It’s small yet impactful, exactly how we like it!

6. Larissa D’sa

Larissa is a well-known travel vlogger whose Instagram feed legit looks like a Pinterest board. She has mentioned in her YouTube video that she has multiple tattoos and loves getting them. However, we personally love this palm tree tattoo on her finger the most! It’s amazing to see the symbolism and meaning behind this stunning piece of ink.

7. Kritika Khurana a.k.a That Boho Girl

Can we please talk about how gorgeous this piece of ink is and how stunning Kritika looks in this picture? We have always loved wrist tattoos and this one looks awesome! Are you inspired to get inked yourself? We surely are!

It’s always said that tattoos are the reflection of someone’s personality and we couldn’t agree more! They always leave us intrigued and curious. Have you guys got inked? Tell us about them in comments below!

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