Guneet Monga is a producer that has wowed the audience with the multitude of films that she has been an integral part of. Now she’s back in the game with another groundbreaking project of an interactive crime web series called Kaun? Who Did It? and anyone who has watched the first episode will know the ability of this series to get super addictive.

Talking about the same, Guneet says:

From legendary Karamchand to Sherlock, detectives and crime thrillers have always kept audience hooked. The unpredictable plotline and thrill of finding the culprit have been resonating across generations. Mobile phones have become an indispensable part of everyone’s life. With the idea of bringing these two popular propositions of the crime genre and mobile technology together, we collaborated with Flipkart Video to develop Kaun? Who Did It? – a crime fiction series that combines engagement, interactivity, and gratification in the most creative manner. It was interesting to crack the stories given the aim was to keep the episode below 15 mins and also weave in the technology that allows viewers to play along and guess the culprit.

The series presents spine-chilling murder cases in every episode, giving audiences the chance to be a part of the story by donning the detective’s hat and solving the mystery in real-time before the protagonist makes the grand reveal.

How cool is this? Have you seen this one yet? If you haven’t it’s definitely worth the watch or involvement should I say?