The dynamics of content creation are changing every day and time and again we find new creators coming ahead and blowing our minds with their content. The Gen-Z clan is rising and one creator who has taken us by surprise is Jake Sitlani. The surname sounds familiar, doesn’t it? That’s ‘cuz he is the brother of the famous beauty blogger Malvika Sitlani. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, amirite? 😛 Jake is not only super talented, but he also has great comic timing. He has started posting a lot of eye-catching Reels on his Instagram platform and trust us, he has got us hooked. Tbh, his videos are killer and we can relate to them on a different level. Here are some of his Reels that took us on an absolute trip, check it out.

Here you go!

1. Silhouette challenge

Looks like Jake and Jacqueline took the #SilhouetteChallenge to the next level. This is quite a popular challenge on the internet these days and I loved Jake’s take on it. I love how confident he is and is always adding his own little spice to viral challenges.

2. Meeting people in public

Are you even a Gen-Z kid if you can’t relate to this? One of the biggest problems I ever face in public is having awkward conversations. This Reel cannot be more accurate, isn’t it? Also, love how he pointed out that we only make ‘catch up plans’ with people as a formality. 😛

3. Jacqueline teaches you how to drape a Saree

Let me be honest here, I cannot even drape a saree to save my life but this video kinda made it really easy for me. For everyone who wishes to drape a saree without taking their mother’s help, this video is gonna sort your life out. Also, can I just say how well Jacqueline is rocking that saree? It looks lit!

4. Who did it better, pigeon or Jake?

At this point, I really feel that Jake can pass off as a real pigeon. Can we please talk about how freakin’ accurate his acting is! This kind of content is something I never expected to watch but it’s hilariously accurate. BRB, gotta go play Masakali in the background! 🕊

5. Types of people watching horror movies

This video screams relatable! Let’s just agree that every friend reacts to a horror movie in a different way and I am sure the religious one, lol. Jake has managed to hit me right in the feels with this hilariously accurate video.

6. Bilionera trend at best

This is an apt representation of how my explore feed looks like these days! Also, Jake’s creative transitions skills are straight-up blowing me away. I think this is my favourite video on the song Bilionera now!

7. Couple movie nights

Why do I have a strong feeling that this Valentine’s Day is gonna look a lot like Jake’s video? 😛 I am kinda guilty of doing the same, hence I found this banter super accurate. By this time, y’all must have noticed that I am kinda obsessed with his videos, haha!

8. This or That challenge

This is like the cutest video ever! We love how this sibling duo took the viral ‘this or that’ challenge and their options and choices are so adorable. It’s amazing to watch them create content together and would love to watch them collab a lil’ more.

After this Jake Sitlani appreciation article, it’s pretty evident that I am an absolute fan of his content and videos. His charming self has managed to not only create relatable content but also come up with a music video called ‘Money On My Feed’. Trust us, it was so boujee! If y’all still don’t follow Jake, you gotta do it right away for your daily dose of entertainment.

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