Gather all your galpals as it’s time to celebrate the season of love. Yes, you guessed it right it’s time to celebrate Galentine’s Day! While some say women can’t be best friends, we beg to differ. Having your girls around you just makes everything so much better, isn’t it? So here’s a day that started as fiction but soon became extremely popular in the real world. A day where ladies celebrate ladies and have good times creating great memories with each other. Today, on the occasion of Galentine’s day, here are some adorable influencer gal-pals who’ll forever and always be our #FriendshipGoals!

Check them out:

1. Malini Agarwal & Parul Kakad

Malini and Parul are besties who always look out for one another, help each other out when needed, and are basically cheerleaders for each other. All of us agree that friends who slay together stay together, isn’t it? Their bond reminds me of the famous song ‘Tu hai toh I will be alright‘!

2. Dolly Singh & Komal Pandey

For Komal, Dolly is like a sister she always wanted! What more can you ask for in a friendship? These two queens are ruling social media platforms with their content. Moreover, no matter what, they know that they can fall back on each other for anything and everything. Also, let’s just admit they look bomb together!

3. Prajakta Koli & Mithila Palkar

Another galpal duo that caught our attention, is MostlySane and Mithila who call each other ‘wifey’ ever since they met, I mean how cute is that? From complimenting each other online and sharing aww-worthy moments to going all crazy, they have done it all! We love how pure their bond is and if you’re as close to your BFF as these two are with each other, then you have found your Galentine!

4. Kusha Kapila & Dolly Singh

They compliment each other on a different level altogether! They’ve stuck by each other through success, difficult decisions, and everything else that life threw at them. No matter what they will always be remembered as the awesome ‘South Delhi’ girls. Their friendship is quite atrangi and that’s what makes them stand out. We can totally imagine them attending a ‘gal-pal kitty party‘, amirite?

5. Sonal Devraj & Nicole Concessao

Damn, there’s nothing more empowering than strong female friendships. It’s amazing to see how two close friends start a venture and grow together. Today, Team Naach is loved by millions and we are so proud of this BFF duo. According to us, they are literally the epitome of friendship.

6. DamnGirls

What can we even say about these girls? They are a perfect example of what true friendship is. We always see Unnati, Ashi, and Aashna creating content together, doing viral challenges, celebrating each other’s birthday with full ‘josh‘, and much more. In simple words, the statement ‘I will be there for you’ perfectly fits this girl gang. We are super excited to see them go all-out on Galentine’s day, are you?

7. Jannat Zubair & Anushka Sen

They are childhood BFFs who have seen each other grow. They started their social media journey separately but have always motivated and encouraged each other to do better. More than friends, they’re soul sisters who celebrate all their special occasions together.

8. Meghna Kaur & Shivani Singh

Don’t they make an awesome Galentine’s duo? The kind of fun they have together is major goals! They always make each other feel special and are super tight. We love how they have been there for each other through all the ups and downs in life. Honestly, my galpal and I compare ourselves to them! 😛

9. Krissann Barretto & Shruti Sinha

Gosh, we haven’t seen a bubbly friendship duo like them ever before! Their seamless equation is the highlight of all their content. Imagine having a bestie who is more like a twin, I mean isn’t that cool? These two are an overload of cuteness and we love to see them collaborate.

10. House Of Misu

Mitali and Summiya are galpals who together started the House of Misu, which is now a prominent fashion and lifestyle blog. Way to go girls, they prove that real queens fix each other’s crowns. We can’t stress enough how adorable their friendship is! These boss ladies are killing it on social media with each other’s support.

Surely this list is making you miss your galpal, isn’t it? So, go ahead and spend some time with your BFF and celebrate Galentine’s Day. Lastly, we wish for all friendships to grow stronger today and don’t forget to tell us who your Galentine is in the comments below!

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