7 Adaptive Brands That Are Revolutionising Fashion

7 Adaptive Brands That Are Revolutionising Fashion

Rishika Devnani

If you are someone with a disability or have gone through surgery, or know someone who has, you are probably familiar with the concept of adaptive clothing. Unfortunately, there has been massive neglect when it comes to designing fashionable and functional clothing. According to numbers from the National Statistics Office, over 2.2% of India’s population lives with a certain physical or mental disability.

In response to this need, we have seen international brands, including big names such as Nike, UGG and Tommy Hilfiger launch adaptive clothing collections. There are specific features in these clothing items that make them smoother to use for those with limitations. For instance, magnetic closures and zipperless clothing are replacing buttons. Additionally, sensory-friendly traits such as side fasteners and soft fabrics are some characteristics that you will find incorporated in these designs.

We are glad that brands have finally modified fashionable clothing to further highlight the strength of people with determination. Everyone should be able to look fashionable and be super comfortable at the same time.

For awareness, personal use or for a gift—scroll below some stylish items from 7 adaptive clothing brands:

1) UGG Universal

We all know about these soft as fur fluffy boots that have been on our wishlist at some point. The company wanted to provide utmost comfort and easy utility for those with limitations. And so UGG partnered up with Zappos Adaptive to release the collection UGG Universal. They have modified their signature boots with special features to allow for easy wearing. Their best-selling boots come with an over-sized dual zip, a pull tab and a wider opening to allow for an effortless on-and-off. As a result, these timeless boots are now wearable by a larger community!

2) Tommy Adaptive

Tommy Hilfiger is one of the first popular brands that largely approached the issue. They did this by launching an innovative collection for women, men and kids with physical impairments. The brand’s designs are stylish and wearable for work, weekends and sports activities. Addressing the needs of those with difficulties, his clothes incorporate one-handed zippers, discreet part openings, magnetic closures and a sensory-friendly knit composition. We love how the brand is focused on designing adaptive clothes with style!


Following their mission statement of making the world accessible to all, the brand creates functional and stylish accessories for those in wheelchairs. FFORA  produce all the everyday essential accessories such as bags, tumblers and cupholders that are easily attachable to wheelchairs. The designs are functional, look great and come in a large variety of colours and styles. This ensures each individual’s needs are met. As a result, adding some serious chic factor to those with determination!

4) Abilitee Adaptive Wear

In association with the brand Aerie, Abilitee Adaptive Wear is another brand that caters to designing functional adaptive accessories. Their popular items include soft sleeves to protect against chafing, fabric belts to hold insulin pumps and water-resistance ostomy bag covers. They provide a collection of accessories for people who have illnesses or undergone surgery. Keeping fashion in mind, the accessories are cute and colourful to complement any outfit!

5) Slick Chicks

When disabled or injured, there are many basic challenges to accustom to. One of them being the simple task of putting on your undergarments every day. Encouraging independence and confidence, Slick Chicks is an adaptive underwear brand. Their stand out feature is side fasteners that allow you to comfortably change in and out of your clothing. Moreover, they feature panties in various styles and in the essential colours of black, beige and white. Antibacterial, super soft and in breathable cotton—these panties are genius for those with limited capabilities.

6) Care+Wear

Did someone say a collaboration with Oscar de la Renta? Care+Wear is a well-known brand that designs fashionable, functional and medically proficient products. Working with the input of several designers and patients, they create items that are safe, comfortable and stylish. The company has also worked with the design house, Oscar de la Renta to design a dual-port access chest hoodie for post-surgery. This hoodie sports a flattering fit with easy access to the chest and port area. Allowing for convenience during treatments and chemotherapy. The dual zip cancels the need of lifting your arms to remove clothing which can be painful post-surgery. Adding a sentimental value to it, the hoodie was created to honour the designer who passed away from cancer in 2014.

7) IZ Adaptive

A brand with clothing specially designed for people in wheelchairs and with limited mobility. IZ Adaptive aims to create modern timeless designs while being mindful of their customers’ needs. Their game-changer item is the denim pants which uses the IZ Seamless Technology™. Designed for comfort, the front is normal while the back is entirely seamless. It also features a flexible waistband, button or hook closure and removable pull tab on the front fly zipper. It is truly amazing how the brand is creating unique and practical fashion that the world has never seen!

What are your views on adaptive clothing? Share with us your thoughts in the comments below.

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