Social media is an experimental space, where every other day you’ll get to see a new viral trend that takes netizens on an absolute trip. For the past few days, a hilarious TED filter is making rounds on the internet. Have you ever wanted to have your own TED talk? If yes, then this filter has got you covered—except these talks are anything but serious. This new trending Instagram filter will put your face on a cartoon body. Also, right when your talk is about to end the camera will zoom out and the virtual crowd will start applauding. This is a super cool filter, isn’t it? So, here are a few creators who became obsessed with this filter and couldn’t resist sharing their own version of TED Talk. They will defo give you inspiration for your own video.

Here they are:

1. Anmol Sachar

Need to take something off your chest? This filter will indeed make you come clean. Anmol is one of the first ones to jump on all the viral trends and give them a fun twist that you can never imagine. So, how could he miss this one! Also, love how he used the virtual applause in his video. Tbh, we would love to hear his real TED talk someday.

2. Kusha Kapila

Enjoy your trip down the memory lane as Kusha takes you back to school assemblies. She turned the TED stage into a school auditorium stage, where we all gave speeches. Her video is hitting so many of us right in the feels, isn’t it? Girl, we love when you hop on to these viral trends with your own little twist.

3. Srishti Dixit

The queen of character sketches, Srishti has been winning the internet with her hilarious videos. As usual, she nailed it with her entertaining self and we couldn’t stop laughing at her version of this trend. I am sure we all have come across announcements like these in public fairs, amirite? Srishti, how do you manage to make such real and accurate videos? Can’t wait to watch ‘Pintu’ give a TED talk about his childhood crisis! 😛

4.  Ankush Bahuguna

Excuse us while we go and fangirl over how handsome, talented and relatable Ankush is! His Reels and videos are full of humour and a lot of his content is popular among youngsters. We love the fact that he tries to break stereotypes and therefore is a complete package for us. His pep talks and advice are legit too good to follow. We feel that a real TED talk by Ankush will be fun, interesting and at the same time insightful, what do you think?

5. Shibani Bedi

Damn, Shibani is an awesome creator who doesn’t shy away from showing her real self on social media. The statement she gives about a set of specific boys using this filter is so apt and true. Honestly, for a second we forgot that this was just a pretend TED talk and not the real one. If you haven’t checked her content out yet then you need to.

6. Aishwarya Mohanraj

Aishwarya, you never disappoint us when it comes to laughing. You are too funny and we end up cackling every time we watch your content. Fun fact is that she uses real-life examples to create content and that works so well for her. A perfect example is her twist to this viral filter, can you imagine how it would be if a mother gives a TED talk to other mothers out there? Well, this is exactly how it might look!

7. Sakshi Shivdasani

We all know Sakshi for her puns and relatable rants. The youth today vibes to a very different kind of humour and Sakshi knows exactly how to tap that. Her videos are super chill and creative, especially this one. Sakshi you should really start thinking of giving TED talks as you will surely nail them.

8. Agasthya Shah

Agasthya is a dynamic content creator who is killin’ it with his trending Instagram Reels. His content is super relatable for all the teenagers out there, this one right here is an example of how he ends up engaging with the right audience. We love how Agasthya is so genuine and hard-working, can’t wait to see him try more viral trends.

9. Pulkit Kochar

Pulkit Kochar is a talented creator who is coming up with some amazing content. His feed is quite interesting and funny and we love to scroll through it. We all have to agree with his TED talk, I mean don’t we all end up getting caught every time we lie to our parents? Lol, this one had me ROFLing!

So, I am sure by now y’all would want to try out this amazing filter and give it your own twist. We really loved how every creator was so unique and hilarious. This filter has spread like wildfire on social media and we are enjoying it. Out of this talented bunch, whose TED filter talk did you enjoy the most? Tell us in the comments below!

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