Boots in all shapes and sizes are a stylish add-on to your outfit. But a good, sturdy pair will last you for a long time and is definitely a sartorial investment. You also can’t deny that dressing up is way more fun and interesting when you add boots to the mix! If you’re relatively new to the realm of boots, it can get a little confusing on ways to style them. But there’s plenty of content online to help you out, for example, this article. Furthermore, there’s a style for every vibe. For instance, combat boots for the sporty, platform for the funky, knee-high for the sartorialist and so the list goes on! But of course, you can style each one of them in more ways than the ones listed above. So whatever pair you own, we give you a few ideas on how to sport them, ahead!

5 types of boots and how to style them:

1. Knee-high boots

If you’re looking to add some drama to your look, knee-high boots are the way to go. Knee-high or thigh-high boots will elongate your silhouette and take your outfit to the next level. They usually come with pencil heels or block heels. You can also opt for a pair with textures to make things more interesting. The best part about knee-high boots is that they work with almost any western outfit. Skinny jeans to dresses to skirts even, so don’t shy away from experimenting with them. Just ensure that if you’re wearing them with a skirt or a dress, that there’s enough gap between the hem of the dress and the shoes so that both your dress and shoes enjoy the limelight!

2. Chelsea boots

Chelsea boots are quite a versatile pair of shoes that end just above the ankles. They’re super comfortable, everyday-wear-appropriate and lean towards a more casual to semi-formal style. They’re mostly found in leather or suede and are comparatively easier to slip on and off. While the most common way to wear them is with jeans, don’t be afraid to rock your Chelsea boots with a cute printed dress! Midi to short, you can wear them with dresses of all lengths.

3. Combat boots

Combat boots are a little more sporty and are most often made of leather. So when you’re in the mood for a grunge-chic vibe, these boots will come in handy (along with a leather jacket to nail the look)! That said, you can put your creative juices to use and experiment with them further. One of our favourite looks that include combat boots is the one below—relaxed bermuda shorts, a bohemian jacket with a bralette underneath.

4. Moon boots

Want to try your hand at something a little more unconventional? Moon boots might be of interest to you! Although they’re meant to be worn in snowy areas due to their heavy padded lining and a treaded outsole for grip, given their funky look, they’re now also picking up as a trend! With a quirky silhouette like that, it’s best to play it safe and pair them with an outfit that’s not too loud. But even though your overall look may be modest, these boots will undoubtedly elevate your entire look! However, if you’re a risk-taker, wear them with any outfit of your choice— with bold colours, eccentric prints, a funky design or more, don’t stop your sartorial fantasies from running wild!

5. Cowboy boots

You may be tempted to sport these traditional rodeo-style boots with an all-denim outfit and a cowboy hat while you’re at it, and while that’s completely acceptable and statement-making in itself, there are more ways to rock these bad boys! One of ’em being this offbeat look, below—a pair of denim bermuda shorts worn with a crop-top, a leather jacket and embellished cowboy boots. Even if you’re going for a more contemporary pair, ensure that they have some traditional elements just for that authentic look and feel!

Which pair of boots would you love to sport? Tell us in the comments below.

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