Last year was a year that none of us expected to go through, isn’t it? However, the content we consumed was more than ever, ‘cuz we scrolled through various social media platforms all day long. Creating content in spite of limited resources is nothing but a real talent. One such amazing content creator is Jitendra Sharma! Popularly known as ‘Ted The Stoner, has amazed us with his unique memes. Guess what, a few days ago he took us all by surprise as he finally revealed his real self to the public. Now, we have a face to a creator who makes amazing and unique content. This was something that none of us saw coming! Check out all the deets right here.

The man behind Ted The Stoner

Jitendra a.k.a Ted The Stoner is an animal lover, an advocate for climate change and environmental rights and lastly, an amazing content creator who creates authentic, relevant and relatable content. Most importantly, he tries to bring a smile to our faces through his craft. Tbh, his memes and Reels are quite relatable, especially to everyone who belongs to Gen-Z and Gen-Y. Currently, he has 1.6 million followers on his Instagram and for a fact, he is on a winning streak!

All about Ted’s Content

We just love his frame of mind and the kind of quirky content he creates. The puns, words and the catchy phrases on his page are quite lit, ‘Justin Case’ you didn’t know. 😛 He has created a huge audience for his creation that even celebrities couldn’t stop themselves from following him on Instagram. Some of these include Virat Kholi, Neha Kakkar, Armaan Malik, Vishal Dadlani and many more.

Not just that, time and again he has proved that he cares deeply about the state of affairs in the country and educates people about them. We cannot wait for what’s in store for us after this big revelation of his. If you haven’t checked his page out yet, click here.

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