Waking up after a great and very hazy night only to feel disgusting and uneasy is terrible but sometimes inevitable. Hangovers are the cause for 99% of adult regret worldwide. They are the one thing that can completely take you from feeling like a superhero to less than a zero instantly. They’re like punishments for having a fun night (why God, why?). While having a hangover is hard, curing them is even harder. No matter how much water you chug, it just doesn’t help! Since hangovers plague most of the world and there seems to be no vaccine for them, we asked the members of Girl Tribe by MissMalini for their tried-and-tested hangover cures that actually work. Turns out women aren’t just supportive when they’re drunk in bathrooms, but also hungover in bedrooms.

(PS: These hangover cures are recommended by women and not medical professionals!)

10 Tried-And-Tested Hangover Cures That Actually Work

1. Salty Lemonade or Fresh Lime Soda

Electrolytes are the best way to cure your hangover. Hydrate yourself with salty and lemon-y drinks throughout the day. This will help do two things. It will make you pee a lot more, enabling your system to cleanse itself by flushing out the alcohol from it and it will also hydrate you better. So drink up!

2. Coconut Water

Coconut water, just like lemonade, is a great elixir for hangovers because it’s loaded with electrolytes and is a diuretic. It will help you hydrate and urinate, two key cures for your hangover! Furthermore, coconut water is refreshing and does boost your mood too!

3. Bananas

Bananas are known for being sick-people food. Have a bad stomach? Eat a banana. Feeling really fatigued? Eat a banana. Suffering from a hangover? Eat a banana! Bananas are great for hangovers because they’re loaded with carbohydrates that help absorb alcohol and are super-easy to digest that makes eating them really helpful. Plus, they taste great too!

4. A Good, Carb-Heavy Breakfast

While some like to skip breakfast when hungover, many stand by eating a good one. Based on this article by Healthline, When you’re hungover, you’re symptoms of nausea and uneasiness are magnified because of low blood-sugar, vitamins and minerals. Eating a good breakfast not only regulates your blood sugar, but also gives you a great vitamin refill and both are vital in reducing your horrid hangover symptoms.

5. A Cold Shower

Supposedly a cold shower while hungover is a great cure for it. Cold showers really jolt you awake and could also jolt the hangover away.

6. Pickle Juice

Apparently, drinking a shot of pickle juice works wonders to cure a hangover and many women stand by it. So we suggest giving it a try next time you feel like the Walking Dead.

7. Beer

Popularly known as “Hair of the dog”, the method of drinking more alcohol to cure a hangover can be a massive hit or a sad miss. There is some sort of chemical reason for why this works which you can read about in this article by Healthline. However, this may lead to some heavy alcohol dependence and unhealthy habits, so please be careful with it!

8. Burnt Toast

While this may seem like an extremely unlikely hangover cure, it isn’t. Based on this study by Raymond Crippen, burnt toast contains carbon and activated charcoal that help lessen the ill-effects of hangovers like nausea and fatigue. These tend to absorb the alcohol and it’s acids, helping you recover faster. However, don’t eat too many slices of burnt toast as it may give you a really bad stomach ache.

9. Puking Your Guts Out

Ah, a golden cure passed down by generations of alcoholics and party animals. Personally, vomiting makes me feel lighter and much better instantly. It’s not the best way to flush out all the toxins from your system, but it’s definitely the one that comes most naturally to us. Remember not to force yourself to throw up though!

10. Sleeping The Whole Day

All we will say is this, if you can afford to lie in bed all day, do it.

We hope your spirits stay high and also leave your body (do a shot if you got the pun). What are your tried-and-tested hangover cures? Share it with us in the comments below!

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