We all know and love our Gujju boy Viraj Ghelani. Time and again he has managed to blow us away with his unique and hilarious content. He creates fantastic videos on YouTube and Instagram and trust me, I am literally hooked to his content. One more reason why he is able to set himself apart is that he makes such hilarious videos with his Nani. We have watched so many videos of Viraj and his digitally active Nani and tbh, they are super savage together. At this point, I am a die-hard fan of his Nani and absolutely cannot get over her videos. After watching her content y’all would surely agree that even at an old age, she is a digital diva!

Here’s why I am gushing over Viraj’s Nani

1. Nani is an influencer

The way she said ‘hey lovely fam‘ literally had me floooored! Also, can we please talk about how perfectly she is able to nail the influencer game? From sharing her skincare routine to hosting a fun giveaway, Nani is clearly set to become one of the top influencers of the country.

Name someone who did the #Jugni challenge better than Nani, I’ll wait! I absolutely love how she takes part in viral trends and gives it her own adorable twist. It’s amazing how Viraj and his Nani are able to create such trendy and relevant content.

3. Sorry we won’t eat noodles ‘cuzAapde India Che

At this point, I really want someone like Viraj’s Nani in my life! She is absolutely adorable and her reason behind not eating noodles is even cuter. It’s amazing how Viraj and his Nani talk in Gujarati and maintain that authenticity in their videos together.

4. My life, my Mirchi

This video proves that there’s no one in this world who is as savage as Nani! Viraj and his Nani’s fun take on the popular ‘Coolie No. 1’ dialogue is just too funny and relatable. I love how all grandparents in the world are a mixture of cute and savage!

5. Teaching Hindi slangs to Gujju Nani

This generation is famous for it’s typical Hindi slangs like ‘jugaad‘ and ‘bohot hard‘. However, it’s obvious that Nani’s generation wouldn’t know these slangs. Viraj created an epic video where he taught his Nani these Hindi slangs and the video was nothing short of hilarious and entertaining!

6. ‘Nan1‘ is the OG PUBG gangsta

Well, we know PUBG is banned in our country now but back when it wasn’t, millions of people played it on a daily basis. It’s true that PUBG is an addiction and I love how Viraj’s Nani is an absolute pro at it. Do you even NEED any more reason to prove that she is a digital superstar?

7. Living with Gujju grandparents be like…

As a Gujarati kid, I can personally relate to this! Let me tell you something, even though I am a Gujju, I cannot understand numbers in Gujarati and this is exactly what used to happen to me when my grandparents recited phone numbers. The look on Nani’s face really had me cackling!

Well, I don’t think I need to say anything more to prove that Viraj’s Nani is nothing less than a digital sensation. Out of all the awesome videos they have done together, these 7 are defo my favourites. What I love about their duo is that they always remain true to their roots and create content inspired by daily experiences in a Gujju household (which is next level relatable, lol) Have you checked Viraj’s YouTube channel out yet? If not, click here and check their awesome content out.

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