All of us know and love Siddharth Batra ‘cuz his not just a fantastic fashion blogger but also a woke individual. These days he has been posting a lot of innovative Reels on Instagram and tbh, I am straight up hooked to them. I love how he always comes up with creative ideas and also manages to convey an important message through his videos. Also, isn’t he like the most perfect boyfriend ever? I cannot stop gushing over his relationship with fellow creator Komal Pandey! Keep scrolling to find out all my favourite Reels by Siddharth that prove that he is nothing short of an amazing man.

Let the Siddharth Batra appreciation article begin!

1. He looks so charming with jewellery

One thing I absolutely love about Siddharth is that he is very secure and confident with his own identity. What makes this Reel really interesting is that he sports jewellery that belongs to all his female friends and nails all the looks like a pro. His level of confidence is what I aim to achieve in life!

2. He creates content with his grandpa

Hands down this is the best #BussIt video we have watched till date! Can we please talk about how adorable this collab is? Also, Siddharth’s grandpa looks extremely dapper, doesn’t he? I absolutely love how Siddharth adds his own spice to viral challenges.

3. Crop tops for all

Can only one specific gender wear crop tops? Absolutely not! Anyone who likes to wear crop tops can wear them. Siddharth is out there breaking social stereotypes and looking glam while he’s at it. Personally, I love this Reel ‘cuz he looks so dashing in all those crop tops. He’s giving all the men out there major inspo, isn’t he?

4. Breaking societal notions with his content

I can’t even remember the number of times I have heard people tell thin boys to avoid wearing skinny jeans. Honestly, you can wear whatever you like and society is no one to stop you from being you. Next time someone advises you to avoid wearing skinny jeans, please slap this awesome Reel by Siddharth on their face. 😛

5. He is a feminist

Yes, guys should be feminists and you should stay away from anyone who believes otherwise. This Reel is my all-time favourite out of all the content he has. I love how he jumped on the ‘This or That’ trend and gave it so much meaning. Also, I completely agree with his caption, all of us must learn, reflect, discuss and try to bring about a change. We need more men like Siddharth in this world!

6. Celebrating International Men’s Day the right way

Every human on this planet should watch this video! (even aliens should) Siddharth has always managed to put out not only fun but also inspiring content. This Reel of his is so relevant and more people should watch and learn from it. Spreading meaningful content in an entertaining manner is quite an art and Siddharth is indeed an artist!

By this time, I  can confidently tell you that Siddharth Batra is the perfect guy! His content has always inspired me and kept me entertained as well. To everyone reading this article, if you are still not following Siddharth on Instagram, you are seriously missing out. Click here to check his account out!

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