Social media platforms are full of talented content creators. We see creators often come together to create thumb-stopping and out of the world content individually or by collaborating. For everyone who doesn’t know, we absolutely love to see creators collab with other creators. Over the last few months, we have watched the creator group ‘Atrangz‘ collab with other creators at their new studio with full zest. This family of 4, Awez Darbar, Zaid Darbar, Anam Darbar and Nagma Mirajkar have created some binge-worthy content with other creators that is nothing but super fun. So, scroll through to find some of our fave ‘Atrangz’ collab combos that blew our minds.

Here they are:

1. Awez Darbar, Anam Darbar & Jannat Zubair

When talented creators collab, then the outcome is nothing less than a ‘blockbuster’ performance. This trio is straight-up fire! We absolutely loved watching them groove with one another on one of the most trending songs ‘Titliaan’. Tbh, we would want to see this trio break a leg more often.

2. Anam Darbar, Nagma Mirajkar & Mrunal Panchal

Well, when queens collab, you know it’s gonna be awesome, isn’t it? They totally nailed the ‘Prrrrum‘ challenge together and we just could not take our eyes off their sassy moves and expressions. This collab had us swooning and we couldn’t help but watch it on loop!

3. Zaid Darbar & Gauahar Khan

This video is the perfect definition of an ‘Aww-some‘ collaboration. It’s true that partners who create content together stay together. #GAZA is nothing less than Jodi No.1 and we live for their chemistry.

4. Nagma Mirajkar & Avneet Kaur

Raise your hand if you were hooked to watching these divas create magic together. Their cute expressions really steal our hearts away. Also, we can’t wait to watch Avneet collaborate more with Atrangz super soon.

5. Awez Darbar, Nagma Mirajkar & Riyaz Aly

This collaboration is nothing short of epic. We are all aware of Riyaz’s acting skills and we thoroughly enjoyed this entertaining act they put up. The way they took on to the #FlashChallenge was quite funny and unique, wasn’t it?

6. Anam Darbar & Anirudh Sharma

Anirudh dancing with the always enthu Anam will defo make you wanna get up and dance. Honestly, we would love to try this simple and fun choreography right away.

These creative and unique collabs really kept us hooked to Atrangz’s page. Watching such amazing artists come together is quite a treat, isn’t it? Which Atrangz creator collab did you like the most?  Tell us in the comments below!

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