Who doesn’t know Ashish Chanchlani? If you don’t know who he is, click here and you’ll know all the deets about him. Ashish is popularly known for his spectacular content, which has a fusion of spiciness, talent, humour, puns, and whatnot. We have been following his content for quite a few years now and we are so proud of him for reaching this far. Ashish recently uploaded a new video for Valentine’s Day called ‘Mission Valentine’ featuring Simran Dhanwani and in no time it crossed over 20 million views already.

All about the Video:

The video was uploaded on 13th Feb and it has already crossed 20 Million views and 1.9M likes on YouTube, can you believe that? Click here to watch the whole video, if you haven’t. Simran plays his girlfriend in this video and as always it is full of curiosity, rants and entertainment. His video showcases a real-life situation of couples and their struggles to spend Valentine’s Day with their lovers. What stands out for us is the way he normalizes the concept of love for all, irrespective of the gender. It’s a very engaging way to show that love has no boundaries.

Here’s what Ashish has to say about his new video:

In my previous Valentine’s videos that I have made, I had shown how a girlfriend cons their boyfriends and vice versa. The latest video has a whole new story. Like always, I have tried to add a surprise element in the video. I hope my fans love it.

Ngl, this video is an epic representation of V-Day with an amazing twist. He made sure that he creates content that is consumed by all, therefore this video is made for all the couples and all the singles in the house too. So, double the dhamaka, lol!

Here’s what Simran has to say on working with Ashish:

Ashish is a gem of a person. His comic timing is so on point. I have always loved working with him. I am excited about the new video and looking forward to working with him again in the future.

We totally agree with Simran. His timing, pitch, the tone just makes his content so catchy for us that we’re hooked to it. 2021 has just begun and he is already on a winning streak after receiving awards for ‘Popular Social Media Star’ by Indian Television Awards and ‘Favourite Youtuber’ by Nickelodeon.

We have no words for all of his achievements, it was a hell of a journey to reach this point. Ashish, you deserve all of this and we are super proud of you. Once again congratulations, we wish you the best of luck for the future and can’t wait to see what more you have in store for us.

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