Rohit Saraf is India’s latest heartthrob and I mean come on, would you look at that face? He is so utterly cute, funny and adorkable that your heart just wants to do a backflip. While I’ve now fan-girled and covered how cute he is, he’s also such a powerhouse of talent. Personally, I’ve seen his work in Dear Zindagi, Ludo and Mismatched and I was really drawn into his performance. I truly believed he was those characters and that is the mark of a superstar. If you can forget about who they are in real life and fall in love with their on-screen characters then you know they’re doing something right. Needless to say, we’re all super excited to see more from Rohit Saraf. But in the meantime, we shall make do with his cute OOTD’s. Scroll on to see more details on his latest look.

Let’s take a closer look at Rohit Saraf’s pastel ensemble:

Pranay Jaitly and Shounak Amonkar style Rohit Saraf in a pistachio green ensemble from Made by Cuin. The denim ensemble features a trucker jacket that he layers over a white, striped tee with a front zipper from Emblaze. His matching jeans are white at the hemline till the knees and that actually makes it look exciting.  He accessorises with a pair of white sneakers from Christian Louboutin. The brown and navy blue detail on the shoes really pop against the pastel matching co-ord set. Doesn’t he look absolutely adorable? I wish more men would experiment with colours and style and if you feel a little nervous take a cue from stylish stars like Rohit Saraf. Also, I love how perfectly coiffed his hair is and how neatly his stubble has been trimmed. Pleasantly surprised because most of Bollywood has been sporting pandemic hair.

What do you think of Rohit Saraf’s outfit? Let me know in the comments below.

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