Time and again, the society we live in tends to criticize ambitious women and pulls them down. Due to this, many women out there tend to second-guess every decision they have ever made. In a time like this, we need more and more platforms to encourage resilient women, and that’s exactly what ‘The First Timespodcast aims to do. It’s a platform where wonderful women come and speak about their story of courage and grit. Trust us, it’s so motivating and inspiring to hear them speak so candidly! Our content head at MissMalini Trending, Karishma Govil also featured on this awesome podcast and here’s everything you need to know about it. What are you waiting for? Keep scrolling!

What is ‘The First Times‘ all about?

The First Times is an empowering podcast created by the talented Priyanka Moza. Recently its been gaining a lot of traction as it gives courageous women a platform to speak about their journey and their story. It aims to highlight the journey of a woman that starts from the first time she takes a strong decision. Priyanka herself is an avid podcaster and an entrepreneur at heart who strongly believes that a powerful podcast like this will empower and motivate women everywhere!

Karishma Govil is all-set to feature in the new February episode

Karishma Govil a.k.a @soul_kari is not just the content head at MissMalini Trending but also an avid content creator and influencer. While she is currently doing great professionally and personally, her journey hasn’t been easy. Through The First Times podcast, Karishma aims to showcase her narrative and how she got a grip on her life. Watch her talk all about it in the upcoming February episode of the podcast, it’ll surely leave you motivated!

Here’s what she has to say about her journey,

I was fat-shamed and bullied so much so that I felt alienated from the rest of the world. While kids were having fun at my expense, my hormonal obesity was doing a number on my body. My back just ached, and in the middle of all that I had to face humiliation as well. But the moment I decided to rub it all off and start the weight loss journey, everything changed. My point is, had it not been for my medical condition, I would have continued sustaining mental abuse for the way I looked. Just because society’s perception of beauty and class is overly vain. We need to educate our young ones and peers better.

We are extremely happy to see this empowering podcast do so well and are super excited to hear our content queen, Karishma nail it in her upcoming episode. The First Times aims to encourage women and highlight their incredible journey. This is exactly the kind of platform we need in today’s time, don’t you agree? Tell us about it in the comments below. Also, click here to check out their podcast!

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