The runways for this season have spoken and “dare to bare” seems to be the new way to go! Last year, designers adapted to a rather different scenario and most collections consisted of comfortable loungewear such as pillow boots and knit sets. However, this year we see a shift in the theme. After months of resting in sweats, it’s time to swap out your wardrobe for some daring skin-showing attire.

For a change, I am all in for glamming it up and exchanging my tracks for a mini-skirt. Some of these trends are a blast from the past so chances are, you already have some of these items tucked away in your closets. For instance, the ’90s inspired mini-skirts and party-favourite cutout bodycon dresses. Fashion houses have provided us with plenty of ways to show skin; all you got to do is dare to play around with the trend you are most comfortable with!

1) Sheer Dresses

A trend that carries on from the previous year(s) is that of sheer dresses. This style became popular on red carpets, where A-list stars flaunted glamorous sheer pieces from top designers. It then took off to the mainstream market and has made a return this year as a dominant trend. A great thing about sheer clothing is that it can be worn in many cool ways, that require zero skin show! For instance, layer your tank top beneath an organza jacket or a gauzy tunic over a slip dress. Feel free to experiment with various layering techniques when it comes to sheer clothing!

2) Micro Mini-Skirts

Mini-skirts take a whole new spin this season! Taking the “dare to bare” motto seriously, the hemlines have gone up taking mini to micro-mini. A blast from the past, this trend is similar to that of Versace‘s from the ’90s, which was worn by supermodels like Naomi Campbell and Carla Bruni. Sporting this trend will help you turn back the clock no matter how you style it—with a buttoned-up shirt and a blazer or a with a cute crop-top!

3) Bare Midriff

Using separates to showcase the midriff was highly popular on this season’s runways. Be it a matching two-piece set or a combination of a crop-top and low-rise bottom, this trend goes all out with the belly display. With summer around the corner, we’re on board with a bare midriff!

4) Cutout Dresses

Another trend of fall/winter’20 that extends to the next season is that of cutout dresses. However, this year the popular silhouette we see are body-con dresses with thigh-high slits. In addition to this, we see both, specifically placed cutouts and those taking over an entire side.

5) Exposed G-Strings

Re-introduced from the ’90s, this controversial trend is back and endorsed by popular celebrities like Hailey Bieber. This time around, designers made it easier by having the G-string built into the waistline of bottoms, thus, making it easier to wear and style. The exposed G-string trend can also be found with skirts and the back of cutout dresses.

Which daring trend are you ready to get on board with this season? Tell us in the comments below.

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