Let me tell you a secret, whenever I’m tired of my daily life and routine, I always run to the mountains. Hills and hill stations are indeed the best place for a rejuvenating vacation. Now that winter is almost coming to an end, the summer heat is already catching on. At this time, just imagine if you were between mighty mountains and playing in the snow. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? Well, while we can’t physically go and visit the mountains at the moment we can always feast our eyes with a virtual tour. Some of our fave influencers paid a visit to the hilly areas of the world and trust us, they had ‘snow’ much fun! Check out their awesome posts to virtually keep the summers at bay. 😛

Check them out!

1. Gaurav Taneja

This is such a cute family picture! Looks like the #FlyingBeast fam is having a gala time snowboarding in Kashmir. The beautiful state of Kashmir is considered to be a paradise on earth and now we can see why. It’s so beautiful and snowy. Also, Rasbhari looks extremely adorable in her pink jacket!

2. Masoom Minawala

Everything about this post is just so aesthetic! Skiing in Switzerland is like a dream for so many of us, isn’t it? Not just that, all her skiing outfits look super chic and it must have surely made some heads turn in Swizterland.

3. Aakriti Rana

I cannot stress enough on how stunning these pictures are! Aakriti really has her way with photos and I love that about her. Hands down, this must be one of the prettiest pictures ever clicked in Himachal Pradesh. While she looks so gorgeous, I can’t help but wonder how did she manage to survive in the cold with that outfit!

4. Savi & Vid

As y’all know, Savi & Vid are one of my favourite travel vloggers and their content is not just visually appealing but also insightful. Their Ladakh room tour Reel really had me hooked ‘cuz everything about it is just so pretty! The couple has been making a lot of informative Reels like this and surely this must have helped so many people who wish to visit Leh Ladakh.

5. Shraddha Gurung

Shimla is indeed a place with clear blue skies and mind-blowing sceneries. Shraddha visited Shimla last February and we can see why she loves this place so much. Also, can we please talk about how adorable she looks in her winter attire?

6. Rohan Shah

As his caption reads, it was Rohan Shah’s first snow experience and I am sure it could take anyone’s breath away! He visited the hills with his bunch of close friends and we can only imagine the amount of fun they must have had in the mountains together. This Reel gave us an amazing snippet of their trip and tbh, I feel like taking a vacay with my friends too!

7. Amit Sobti

I think it’s evident that we are suckers for skiing and looks like Amit Sobti is too! This is such an amazing click and it makes me feel like heading to Manali right away.

8. Somya Gupta

So many creators are visiting Manali ‘cuz it is indeed a beautiful place. Somya Gupta a.k.a Michu also travelled to this much talked about location and her snowy selfie looks lovely, doesn’t it?

These awesome pictures and snowy Reels are really making me wanna head to the mountains right away! We absolutely love how creators take us on a virtual tour whenever they are visiting a new place. Do you like hills and hill stations? Tell us about your favourite hill station in the comments below!

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