7 Dressing Tips And Tricks For A Petite Body Frame

7 Dressing Tips And Tricks For A Petite Body Frame

Rishika Devnani

The word petite usually strikes up an image of a dainty attractive woman. It’s a common term used in the sartorial world, but the meaning is often misconstrued. Petite usually refers to the height of a woman and is not linked to a woman’s shape or size. Generally, it applies to women who are of the stature 5’4″ or below. For all the petite ladies out there, we understand how real the struggle is when it comes to finding the perfect fit for your clothes. However, finding the right pieces is not the ultimate solution to your problem.

Proportion is everything when it comes to dressing for a petite body type. Even if looking taller is not your goal, it is important to style your clothes the right way. Clothing that balances your proportion can make all the difference. Especially in complementing your height. Ahead we give you 7 handy tips that will allow you to embrace your petite-self in all the best ways!

Read on for 7 helpful fashion tricks to follow if you have a petite body-type:

1) Crop It Up

When focusing on proportion, shorter is better when it comes to tops. Tunics or tops that are below your hipline don’t work well for a petite frame. Doing so can make your legs seem shorter. To help elongate your silhouette, opt for tops with cropped hems. This adds dimension to your look and looks super trendy at the same time! Further to that, team your crop-tops with high-waisted bottoms that also create an illusion of a longer silhouette.

2) Wrap Around Dresses

Wrap-around dresses in fact just flatter all body types because they accentuate all the body curves. For a petite frame, knee-length hems or even shorter ones look flattering. Steer clear from shirt dresses because they can overpower your body. If you’re a fan of oversized clothes and need some tips and tricks in styling them, check out this video where we decode the right ways to wear oversized clothes for petite body frames.

3) Vertical Lines

Always remember, stay away from horizontal lines! Vertical stripes are your best friends and will lengthen your look. Horizontal stripes tend to give an illusion of a wider frame, hence, vertical stripes always work better.

4) Structured Tops

We understand that oversized is comfortable, but structure is essential. Boxy tops are not a petite girl’s companion as they can add extra bulk to your appearance. Chose a top that fits you right and flatters your composition. For instance, form-fitting blouses with structured shoulders are a great way to flaunt your curves and look fabulous!

5) Raise The Hem

Similar to that of cropped tops, it is advisable to keep the length of your skirt up to the knee or above. Midi-skirts are a no-go as they cut your length, which can result in one looking shorter. The best pick would be a high-waisted skirt because they elongate your waist and look quite flattering, and can be styled in an infinite number of ways!

6) Smaller Handbags

The size of your accessories shouldn’t outdo your size. Keep it all in balance by picking accessories and handbags that match your physique. Large bags can draw focus and make you seem smaller, hence, making them an unsuitable choice. A cute petite bag will complement your appearance and look adorable with your OOTD!

7) Keep Your Ankle-Free

Shoes are a tricky subject when it comes to dressing for the petite body type. Certain shoe styles such as ankle straps should be avoided at any cost! Straps around the ankle can make make your legs look stout. Alternatively, look into shoes that are sleek and elongate your legs. For instance, pumps and mules with a low cut vamp and pointed-toe look classy and are a great match for most outfits.

What are some effective rules that you swear by? Tell us in the comments below.

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