There are millions of fantastic content creators whom we follow for our daily dose of entertainment these days. Each and every creator tries to win the hearts of their fans by showcasing unique and creative shades of themselves. Well, all of us surely agree that as fans we love to know everything about our fave content creators, don’t we? It makes us feel more connected to the creator we love the most and tbh, gives us a ‘We Are A Family’ waali feeling! Now, what if we say we have some lesser-known insider facts about your favourite content creator right here, right now? Surprised? Scroll down to read what these super cool facts are.

Here they are:

1. Melvin Louis

Melvin is a social media star who never fails to surprise us with this creativity. We absolutely adore him for his content and can’t stop watching him move so smoothly in all his dance videos. Here’s a super cool fact that Melvin reveals about himself that I am sure none of his fans know. He loves ‘rickshaw rides’, especially at night going uphill and downhill to Mount Mary church. Tbh, we love it too!

2. Zaid Darbar

He is a shining star who brings a smile to all his #Zanemans’ faces with his phenomenal content. In simple words, Zaid is a brilliant dancer who creates magic in all his videos. Guess what, he also is an outstanding cook! From biryani and eggs to pasta and chai, he knows how to cook it all. NGL, we are quite impressed and can’t wait to try these dishes ASAP. Hey, Zaid, when can we try some? 😉

3. Viraj Ghelani

Who doesn’t know the ‘Entertainment Ka Baap‘, Viraj Ghelani! However, did you know about his obsession with outer space? Oh boy, he can go on and on for hours talking and researching about stars and galaxies. Not just that, he also revealed that he loves to watch informative and intellectual movies as it makes him feel smarter. Now we know the secret behind Viraj’s success, he always keeps shooting for the stars! 😛

4. Ashaas Channa

She is a young creator who has made a special place in the hearts of her fans with her talent and content. Her expressions and acting skills are always on-point. A quirky fact about Ahsaas is that she is a bad liar! Did you know about this? Tbh, it’s a good quality and we think it’s super adorable!

5. Gajendra Verma

Pop-singer, Gajendra Verma shared a very cool and fun fact about him that blew our minds! If you look at Gajendra for the first time you will think he is quite serious and intense but that’s not true. In reality, he loves to play pranks on people and is really funny. We would really love to get some tips to play pranks on our friends! 😛

6. Ritu Agarwal

Ritu’s voice is simply magical and we can’t stop listening to her music on loop. The secret she revealed about herself is that she is a big-time foodie. The only thing she loves other than singing is eating. I mean we totally relate to Ritu ‘cuz ‘good food = good mood‘, don’t you agree?

7. Aparna Mulberry

Aparna is a dynamic and versatile creator who is also known as the ‘inverted coconut’ online. Her content is extremely entertaining and we love how she maintains a balance between her rich cultural roots even though she stays away from home. A quirky fact she shared about herself is that she is not a great reader. She reads slowly moving her finger line by line at every sentence. This is quite fascinating and I’m sure a lot of us also do the same, amirite?

So, there you go! These were a few interesting and super cool facts about our favourite creators that really took us by surprise. Let us know which fact surprised you the most in the comments below!

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