Don’t we all love influencers and the content they showcase on social media? It’s so commendable ‘cuz we all know that the work is so strenuous. Do y’all know your fave influencers as well as we do? If not you’ve reached the right place. Each creator tries to tell us something about themselves either through their YouTube videos, lives, or Reels. In a series of fun interviews, they described themselves in 3 quirky words and tbh, it’s quite interesting to know. This might help you know your fave creator better. So let’s dive right in, ‘cuz, I’m excited to spill the tea, like always, hahaha.

1. Jake Sitlani

Jake has killed it with his content recently on Instagram and has defo reached the hearts of each and every Gen-Z and Gen-Y. We legit couldn’t stop scrolling through his ‘gram, it’s just so relatable. So, we asked Jake as to how he describes himself as a person and I kid you not he literally had the answers ready, hehe! He describes himself as talkative, excited, and quite an enthu and we can’t agree more. You can’t imagine how much laughter he brings to our lives through his content.

2. Mayur Jumani

Mayur is so creative and talented at creating music covers as well as remixes that are so catchy. The words that describe him the best are quirky, ‘cuz of your content ofc, Witzel, and Sucht, now why don’t you guess what that means? Give up? It means a person who cracks lame jokes! Thirdly, he’s super humble and down to earth. These qualities really reflect the real you.

3. Melvin Louis

What can we say about him? Ngl, he’s one of the best dancers of all times. A lot of people have been getting major inspo from his dancing and now even styling content. The words he used to describe himself are hyped, excited and enthu and we legit can see that through his groovy moves. These qualities really make us wanna dance with you.

4. Varun Mayya

Varun has really inspired us with his content on business, career advice, finance, and education. Ngl, I am still shook about the fact that he made his own video game at the age of 13. That is just so cool, legit. So, the words that resonate with him the best are curious and optimistic, which can be seen by the content he puts out. It’s just so informative and well researched but we wonder why he calls himself ‘bored’?

5. Ahsaas Channa

Ahh, she’s a bundle of joy. She has always managed to keep us entertained and engaged whether with her content or her special BTS, haha! She describes herself as ‘lame funny’, which is hilarious, sensitive about all the things in the world. Tbh, your emo quotient is why we can relate to you more. Lastly, she’s quite interesting cuz bouy you give us the ‘Main Apni Favourite Hoon‘ vibes.

6. Shagun Segan

Tbh, he has gotten us hooked to his Instagram by those drooling food pictures. The word that describes him the best is anti-social and we can totally relate to this as there is so much content, news and information to grasp that one needs some time off. I really think I need a social detox now, (haha kidding, I can never do that)! Also, he couldn’t think of the other 2 words to describe himself, lol. We get it, it’s a tough question. :P

So, there you go! These were a few interesting words that described your favourite influencers the best and also helped us know them better. Let us know which word describes you the best in the comments below!

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