Let’s be honest, 2020 wasn’t the best year for hair with salons shut and events cancelled. However, everyone quarantining at home did give birth to some creative looks and influenced a host of new trends. While initially, everything was more laid back, out of sheer boredom many people found a way to make things interesting. Some were successes and went viral while some encountered disastrous results. Remember when everyone was cutting their own bangs? Yikes! But with a new year and the new season comes new trends. The past year went by with us skipping trims and touch-ups but there’s nothing like the present to finally experiment with your haircut, colour or style for a fresh look. With the help of a professional finally! Raise your hand if you missed your stylist terribly.

So if you’re looking for inspiration before your next cut or colour you’ve come to the right place. We stalked the web and IG and rounded up some of our favourite upcoming hair trends you should definitely have your eye on. You might spot a few returning trends and some new emerging ones, either way, we predict plenty of good hair days on the horizon.

1. Blunt Ends

Whether you’re getting a shorter bob cut or keeping the long hair, blunt ends are in style. There’s something about precision ends that can be so appealing when done right. It also totally makes sense after the past year with everyone avoiding cuts and having grown out straggly ends. A fresh clean sleek finish might be just the change you need.

2. Money Piece

Remember when we all had Tiktok last year? Well while we might not have it on our phones anymore but its influence is still felt across the web. The face-framing highlights donned by social media stars became all the rage with influencers and celebs alike and trickled down to our IG feeds. This continues to be quite a popular look within the influencer community. Whether you choose to go platinum blonde streaks or pastels and fun electric colours this ‘90s inspired look draws attention to facial features and creates bold movement in the hair.

3. Loose Ends

In recent years as we’ve been doing updos and buns, ends have always been a must tuck situation for a sleek look. This season is more about obtaining an undone relaxed feel. Think a messier version of a French twist and pulling out face-framing tendrils with your updos.

4. Shaggy Modern Mullet

Thanks to Miley Cyrus the mullet is cool again with a more ‘70s shaggy inspired, rocker-chic twist. Giving the impression of a lived-in bedhead with softly feathered ends this style can look great on most hair types. Getting a good stylist for this dramatic cut is key though! Thinking of going super retro? Pair your shaggy cut with curtain bangs to go all the way.

5. ‘70s Curtain Bangs

Speaking of curtain bangs, we’ll keep it short. They crossover into 2021 and reign supreme as retro styles continue to be a big influence. The modern spin on this style is more of a loose wave and texture rather than just huge volume at the front. Its continuous popularity can be linked to the fact that these longer bangs are more low-maintenance than the usual fringe. Effortless and stylish with less commitment they grow out softer and seamlessly blend into your haircut. Plus it can easily be styled to each person’s preference depending on how much maintenance you’re looking for.

6. Curly Bangs

Just because you’re a curly-haired gal doesn’t mean you can’t rock bangs. In fact, on curly hair, they’re super fun and flirty bringing attention up to your eyes. While this can be a hit or miss when it hits you win big! Don’t be afraid of the cut though. We suggest working closely with and consulting thoroughly with your stylist before cutting that fringe to see what works best for you.

7. Peekaboo Colour

If you’re a fan of bold colours, blend strands in with your natural coloured hair to give an unexpected peekaboo effect. It looks super cool and experimental colour styles are very trendy at the moment. Why not try some pink tones that always look great on most skin tones and is perfectly in tune for the season or year-round.

Which of these trends do you like the most? Let us know in the comments below.

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