7 Trendy Nail Polish Colours You’ll Spot Everywhere This Year

7 Trendy Nail Polish Colours You’ll Spot Everywhere This Year

Kanak Devnani

One silver lining with us responsibly staying home and enforcing social distancing meant many of us became accomplished nail painters. While certain salons might be open for business many of us are still DIY-ing our manis at home. With this in mind, it’s always a good idea to have a good collection of nail polishes on hand at home to make time for an enjoyable mani season. Taking the time out to paint our nails does count as self-care in our books, sometimes a new polish is just what the doctor ordered to cheer you up. Plus a new year is the perfect time to update your routine and reviewing your collection. Psst, just FYI it’s also a good time for some spring cleaning and purge your drawers of any crusty, old dried or expired polish that doesn’t do you any favours.

While you might miss the process of choosing colours from a large wall of polishes at your salon we only recommend honing on a few colours for the year. You really don’t need to load up on dozens and dozens of bottles. Only a few will make an impact. If you’re looking for what colours to stock up on look no further than our roundup of the buzziest nail colours we think should be on your radar this year. You’ll spot some of the usual suspects like nudes and reds but also some unexpected hues. Here you’ll find shades that will have you collecting compliments all year round.

Keep scrolling to check out the hottest shades for the year ahead:

1. Earthy Browns

Nudes and browns continue to be a staple this year and never really go out of style. They go with everything and are a more fun elevated chic neutral. While there’s a brown to suit everyone, the ‘90s inspired cocoa browns are stealing the spotlight for sure.

2. Dusty Periwinkle

Periwinkle is such a special but underrated blue. A sort of mix of a blue and purple that also leans sort of pastel. This colour is so pretty, it works for any season you’re in whether spring or winter for the right occasions. It looks especially stunning when paired with a shiny or glossy topcoat

3. Rich Reds

You can’t go wrong with a classic red but this year it’s more about the rich burgundies and deeper hues. Where last year was more about the cherry and orange tones, rock a beautiful deeper hue like a burnt burgundy instead that works great as a stand-alone colour or part of nail designs. However, whatever hue you pick, make sure to use a good shiny topcoat to enhance the colour and catch the eye.

4. Mustard Yellow

TBH in spring or summer, any tone of yellow from pastels to bolder tones is like a burst of sunshine for your nails. Yellows always make an appearance around this time. If you can’t quite decide on a particular right shade we suggest mustard or more floral toned yellow. They’re usually slightly darker and looks great in a matte or shine finish.

5. Shades Of Green

Green is a colour that’s been popping up more often and gaining traction. Literally, all kinds of greens from emeralds to neon and earthy shades will be popular and essential. If you’re looking to keep things elegant and classy lean towards more forest or sage green shades. Don’t throw out your mint shade yet though! That and seafoam greens also continue to be big come spring.

6. Barely There Sheer Pink

After a low-maintenance year, simple translucent lacquers are having a moment too. Light hues are very forgiving and easy to do plus it looks effortlessly classy and polished. Moreover, pale or translucent blush pink shades are timeless versatile classics that can be worn for any occasion all year round.

7. Alternate Colours

If you can’t decide what colour you like best, throw caution to the wind and have some mismatched fun. There’s so much you can do with this trend beyond just polishing each nail a different colour —get creative! Try alternative shades in the same family or try a custom colour combination from your existing collection or even a host of trendy shades for a joyful look!

Which of these nail polish colours do you love the most? Let me know in the comments below.

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