By Priyanka Nazareth

Summer is a few short months away and the weather hugely dictates the outfit of the day. Humidity and the sun are never a great combination on any given day, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be dressed like a cool cucumber. Light fabric, flowy silhouettes and the right accessories are the way to go this summer. We’ve got our creative stylist hat on and before the sweltering heat makes its way back into the cycle of seasons, grab your pens and notebooks and take notes!

Here is a quick guide that will help you dress up for the summer:

1) Oversized everything

Tight and body-hugging clothes can make anyone feel claustrophobic on a humid, summer day. So give those a break and bring out some oversized garments instead. A loose tee with a loose, thin jacket or shrug is the way to go! However, keep one fitted garment to complete the look or you might look like you’re floating in your clothes.

2) Dress it down

Dresses are THE outfit for a warm summer day. They are flowy, light, and breathable. Choose a straight fit dress, length no bounds. A straight fit or an A-line dress will give you room to add more elements. Add a tank top over it or a sleeveless jacket and cinch it at the waist for a defined silhouette. This adds shape but also leaves room for movement during the gruelling summer months.

3) Light cardigans are your friend

Yes, light cardigans are a great accessory and layering option. Wear it as a top alone, over your shoulder Main Hoon Na style, or tie it around the waist. It’s not necessary that layering has to be entirely functional. It could just be a statement. So bring out a cute tank top, sport it with a light cardigan and pleated skirt. Comfortable, cute, and summer-friendly.

4) Bring out the bling

A big misconception is that layering can only be done with garments. Girl, go crazy and layer your accessories instead. Mix up different length necklaces and some chunky bracelets to complete the look. Ideally, if you’re focusing on the neck, layer on the hands. But if you want to keep it simple, focus on statement earrings and layer up the hands. Either or, whichever works for you better. Here’s where you can even layer in different colours and textures. Layering accessories can help add to even a basic outfit, so go crazy, it’s summer kids!

5) Long shrugs

Long and flowy shrugs are great for the summers. Most of them are open in the front and have no buttons or hooks. A basic tank top and shorts under a printed knee-length shrug make for a great summer outfit. If prints and patterns are your friends, tropical, floral, or abstract prints are great choices to go for.

6) Get some fabrics in

Different textures and fabrics are another way you can layer up your outfit for the summer. It not only works well as a layering option but adds a certain contrast to your look. Choose breathable fabrics such as cotton, linen, or jersey. It is lightweight and can be layered over thin dresses and tops.

What are some tricks you follow to stay stylish and comfortable during the summer? Share it with us in the comments below!

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