As we enter into the second month of the year you’ve probably readjusted your closet to better work with the current weather and upcoming season trends. If you haven’t, there’s no time like the present to purge what doesn’t work for you anymore. Once you’ve done that it’s also ideal to edit your hair accessories to better serve your style in 2021. As we all were confined to our homes last year, it was all wanting to do less with our hair. However, it wasn’t all dull or boring. This gave many of us the opportunity to play around and get creative with new hairstyles that were low maintenance but cute. And whats a better way to add some impact to your looks in an easy subtle way than a cute hair accessory.

So if you’re looking to update your accessories for the year and amp up your style quotient look no further. We’ve rounded up our favourite trends we have our eye on for this year that is free of drama because TBH sometimes you just don’t have the time to fuss around. While you might see many similar accessories from the past, they are relived and reimagined. This year continues the trend of easy-breezy ways to bring all your looks to life even if it’s just in front of a screen. So you can look your best with minimum effort ahead, we’ve narrowed down eight of the easiest hair accessory trends to try today.

Keep scrolling to check out the new hair accessories you should add to your closet:

1. Black Ribbons

Wear them larger than life or go miniature, either way, ribbons are a great way to finish off your high ponytails or braids. They offer a simple yet elegant or romantic vibe to literally any hairstyle. While ribbons are commonplace, this year opt for a deep black shade instead of the usual lighter or seasonal colours.

2. Retro Scarves

Scarves are nothing new but for the spring season, we’re embracing more old-world glamour. You’ll want to tie them like headbands with a knot at the centre or rock it like old school driving scarves. Where scarves were a stylish way to protect women’s hair while riding a car with the top down. Purely for sartorial purposes this time around pair it with your favourite vintage sunnies, red lippie and you’ll look like an old Hollywood starlet in no time.

3. Larger Than Life Barrettes

Every time I look at these clips they keep getting bigger. This time they’re supersized and adorned with embellishments like. Rhinestones, pearls, beading, take your pick but go XXL!

4. Extreme Stacked Clips

If you haven’t tried stacking your accessories have you even lived? This trend hugely continues in 2021. There’s no such thing as overdoing it. Incorporate as many types and styles of clips you want from pearl, rhinestone to barrettes or butterfly clips. Feel free to be creative and make it fit your own individual style and mood.

5. Bobby Pins

What’s new about bobby pins you ask? Well grab that pack from your drawers and find new ways to style them. Colourful, patterned, or embellished stack them up with slicked back hair or edge up marcel style waves. You can also simply use a trio to break up tousled hair texture. Basically, you can do more with that pack of pins for styling instead of just using it as a tool to hold your hair in place.

6. Jumbo Organza Scrunchies

You’ve probably already seen jumbo scrunchies over the last year. While they continue to reign supreme keep your eye out for the newest organza style that’s taking centre stage. A must-have for the year, you’ll find them ranging from ultra-sheer to super shiny or more opaque styles. Whatever the design, they’re super pretty and a very easy way to play up your cosy-chic hair looks. Easy to pop in at home for a call or grabbing a cup of coffee—what more could you ask for.

7. Dainty Claw Clips

The ‘90s claw clips have been a mainstay for a few years now but for 2021 a more refined version is in style. With delicate or minimalistic details and pretty gold or silver finishes give a more elegant modern look to your hairstyles. Plus it totally vibes with less is more vibe we’re taking into the first half of this year.

8. Beaded Headbands

Oversized headbands have always been a fantastic trick to effortlessly conceal a bad hair day. Plus they can make you look more dressed up or put together in an instant. This year chunky beaded headbands are making its return. It’s a great go-to accessory to easily transform your hair. Keep an eye out for intricate animal-print, celestial and rainbow styles that are very cool right now.

What hair accessories trend are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments below.

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