Tusshar Kapoor At Ekta Kapoor's Diwali Party
Tusshar Kapoor At Ekta Kapoor’s Diwali Party

After a gap of many years, Tusshar Kapoor is returning to the movies with his own production, Marich, opposite Naseeruddin Shah. He comes from an influential family in Bollywood and Showbiz — with his father Jeetendra being a big hero in his days and his sister Ekta Kapoor ruling the Indian television and OTT space for the longest time. This year, he is set to complete 2 decades in the industry.

In an interview with Times Of India, he speaks about how he has had a path of his own that he has paved for himself that is different from his father. He points out that most of his acting choices were based on characters that helped him make a mark. His stint in Golmaal for instance, which really became popular among audiences.

Speaking about how he has faced criticism in his life, he says that no one has ever been unjust to him in the industry and that if his film was bad, the audience made sure that he knew of it.

Talking of audiences, he points out trolls on social media who have such easy access to commenting on a celebrity’s professional and personal lives. He shares that previously when his films didn’t do well, he would feel bad. But realising that this is part of the profession made it easier for him to deal with it. Now, he says, he gets ‘a sadistic pleasure out of ignoring the trolls’.

Explaining further, he says that if it’s constructive criticism, he is all for it. But adds that some people at times only vent out their frustration in the name of criticism in want for attention. His way of dealing with it is to ignore them and let them do it and ‘wish them love and peace’.