Films really have a way of touching your soul and speaking to your heart, no? There are some stories and films that are just the answer to all our problems at times. Actor Rana Daggubati also seems to have had a similar experience in his life.

Given it’s the lockdown, our Boss Lady, Malini Agarwal, came up with a Virtual Happy Hour session with the Girl Tribe where the members get to interact with their favourite celebrities virtually. We had Rana Daggubati come in for one such session and speak with all the girls who are fans of him and his work, and what a lovely session it was!

The actor opened up about how important films and stories are to him, and how he copes with hurdles in his career and life. Rana shared a lovely anecdote about the time he was diagnosed with high BP and other health issues a while ago.

He says he was in America when he was diagnosed, he went to the theatre to catch Avengers: Infinity War. He also shares that interestingly, he had voiced for Thanos in the Telugu version of the Hollywood film and watched the movie thinking he was him. At the end of that movie, all the Avengers are dead and only Thanos survives. This, he says, gave him the confidence that he will get through whatever he is going through and come out of it standing tall, like Thanos.

How amazing it is when a movie gives you just the message you need, no?

In the interaction, Rana spoke about the serene and fulfilling experience of filming his upcoming movie, Haathi Mere Saathi in the dense jungles for months. He also spoke about his media venture called South Bay which is all about pop culture, mental health and tried guessing a few millennial lingos!

Check out the entire session here: