6 Ways You’re Sabotaging Your Sleep

6 Ways You’re Sabotaging Your Sleep

Mallika Jhaveri

In the world we currently live in, sleep is no longer for the weak, but for the strong. It’s easy and inexpensive, yet we never seem to grab it. We crave it but also deny it. We sabotage our sleep in so many ways and for our sake (and the sake of our future selves), we need to stop. Personally, I am so tired when I get ready to sleep, but I still put it off for as long as I can. I’ll be in bed by 11 PM but won’t sleep till 1 AM. Despite my eyelids feeling heavy, a baby headache and overall exhaustion, I still stay awake for a couple of hours. If you do the same, trust me we are not alone. Like me, and millions around the globe, we are sabotaging our sleep! Here are some ways you could be too.

6 Ways You’re Sabotaging Your Sleep

1. Form Of Rebellion

You see sleeping early as conforming to a rule, and hence you want to break it. By staying awake you’re probably trying to rebel against all those years your parents forced you to go to bed early and took away TV-time if you stayed up past your bedtime. Staying up late is your way of asserting your adulthood and ability to make independent decisions for yourself. This is stupid, stop doing this. Staying up late is only harming you and you alone.

2. Device-Obsession

We are all obsessed with this. We all are guilty of scrolling through our phones and tablets before we sleep and this is terrible. The blue light these devices emit is bad for our sleep cycle. When we’ve seen all the latest posts on Instagram, we swap to Facebook and go down their video-rabbit-hole, then we explore YouTube and then when all else is done, we take to Google. As common as it seems, it’s the worst thing to do before sleeping. Switching off all devices at least 90 minutes before and not keeping any of them in your bedroom is a must if you want to sleep early.

3. Laziness & Lack Of Exercise

Being sedentary and not working out can lead to sabotaging your sleep. People who work out regularly, even if it’s walking around your neighbourhood every day, have an easier time falling asleep compared to those who do nothing. So even if your day is packed, take 30 minutes out to exercise in some way!

4. Too Much Overthinking

Making mountains out of molehills is the largest antidote for sleeping. It causes stress, anxiety and paranoia, all of which are terrible for falling asleep. Your brain is constantly working when you overthink, and this prevents you from falling asleep. This releases hormones like cortisol and adrenaline that can lead to insomnia. So, stop overanalysing things and getting worked up. In fact, try to meditate, take deep breaths and calm yourself before sleeping and it will help you a lot!

5. Chugging Liquids

Here are few things you should not drink if you want to sleep easily: Water, alcohol and caffeinated drinks. Chugging water before you sleep will keep you up because you’ll be expecting a bathroom break soon after. Alcohol messes up with your sleep cycle majorly. While passing out is easy, you’ll find yourself waking up super early and at odd hours, which will disturb your sleep and REM cycle a lot. Caffeinated drinks like coffee and colas should also be avoided post 4 PM as they keep you up for obvious reasons. Now, once in a while its fine to drink all these, we are humans after all. But, if it is happening daily, it may be time to stop as it’s sabotaging your sleep.

6. Eating Late

Eating late leads to digesting food late, which ultimately leads to difficulty in falling asleep. Eating early dinners and not snacking late at night will solve this! Plus, it’s really good for weight management!

Are you a sleep saboteur? Share it with us in the comments below!

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