The internet is an interesting space, you never know what can go viral at any point in time. 2021 has indeed started on a good note as we have noticed so many fun challenges and trends go viral. February was indeed full of trending dance challenges, unique Reels and so much more. So, here’s a round-up of any and every trend that went viral especially for you. If you are looking for some inspo for your upcoming Reel, you’ve come to the right place. Just keep scrolling to find out everything that netizens have been hooked to these days.

Here they are:

1. Dance challenge

While this dance challenge doesn’t have a name, it surely is extremely fun and entertaining. The moves are simple to follow, hence a lot of people globally jumped on this trend. I really enjoyed watching Anam and Mrunu shake a leg to this trending tune.

2. Sexy back dance challenge

We are fairly certain that dance challenges are to stay in 2021. This song is by a popular singer called Justin Timberlake and it’s so groovy. Netizens were quick to come up with a dance routine for it and people globally started giving it a try. Here’s our fave DamnFam grooving to it and they look so good, don’t they?

3. TOD talk filter

Not gonna lie, my Instagram was filled with this filter in the month of February. This is a fun filter that lets you create your own funny “TED” talk and allows you to share it with people. Obviously, creators and netizens got super creative with it and created their own quirky “TED” Talks.

4. Silhouette challenge

Many of us know about the #SilhouetteChallenge purely because it started for a really empowering reason. While a lot of creators jumped on this trend, many netizens also spoke about the dangerous side of it. In the first week of Feb, this challenge took a rather scary turn when the internet found a way to remove the red filter without the video maker’s consent. While we are all for the idea behind this trend, we just wish to caution you about the creepy turn it has taken.

5. Front row challenge

This creative trend got viral in the last week of Feb and are we’re still looking at so many creators give it a shot. The trend is simple, all you have to do is show people what you’d wear to the front row of famous fashion shows. So many talented creators tried this challenge out and their outfits simply blew me away!

6. Instagram Vs Reality

Instagram Vs Reality is a trend that started globally to show people that what you see on Instagram is far from reality. I absolutely loved the thought behind this viral trend as it shows people the amount of effort that goes behind creating content. This Reel by Masoom perfectly summarises what I’ve been trying to say, doesn’t it?

7. Don’t Rush challenge

Like I said before, dance challenges are here to stay! This is a fun viral trend that involves a simple choreography on a popular track called ‘Don’t Rush‘. The remix of the track is really groovy and the steps are super simple to follow. Personally, I loved the twist that Melvin gave to this trend!

8. Emoji challenge

The Emoji challenge is the latest trend in town and so many talented creators are jumping on the bandwagon! Creating beauty content is always challenging and these creators do a phenomenal job at it. So many of them took this emoji challenge and their looks straight-up took my breath away. Have you given this trend a shot yet?

These challenges and trends really blew up on the internet and kept us hooked to our screens all day long! Which ones have y’all tried? Tell us in the comments below!

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