It’s said that music is the universal language of love and we cannot agree more. Good music takes us into another dimension altogether and ngl, we haven’t met a single person who doesn’t like listening to music. While there are a plethora of new songs coming up, some classics have a special place in our hearts. So many creators come up with soulful covers of awesome songs and manage to blow us away. One such creator is Sushant Divgikar, whose voice is legit angelic! He’s a popular singer, performer, drag icon and reality TV star. Not just that, he was also awarded the title of Mr. Gay India in 2014. Personally, we are big fans of Sushant and his voice literally blows us away. He has been posting a lot of covers on Instagram and below are ones that we absolutely can’t get over.

Check them out!

1. Dekhte Dekhte

Sushant’s rendition of Dekhte Dekhte is literally giving me life! He manages to blow me away every single time with his soothing vocals and strong voice modulation. This song is quite popular amongst the youth for its soulful lyrics and Sushant and indeed managed to make it even more emotional with his cover.

2. Sajna Ve Sajna

Okay, this song is a classic and if you don’t like it, we can’t be friends! 😛 Sushant created a short but epic cover on this popular song and I can’t get enough. Everything about this video screams beautiful and I think the world deserves to see more of Sushant in his musical element!

3. Woh Lamhe

Sushant singing male vocals is a treat to my ears! This is a perfectly romantic track and him singing it makes it a whole lot better, isn’t it? Pretty soon, I’m gonna start a petition to ask Sushant to make more musical covers!

4. Ishq Sufiyaana

Not just his voice, even his expressions have me floored every time Sushant sings something. We all know that this is a beautiful song from a highly acclaimed film. While I am not some professional musician, I can confidently say that Sushant’s rendition is nothing short of surreal!

5. Udi

While all of Sushant’s covers are amazing, this one left me stunned ‘cuz this is a tough song to do justice to. It’s safe to say that his mesmerising voice has caused a lot of increase in my screen time! 😛

6. Darling

This is one of my favourite covers of all time! This song in itself is quite quirky and getting the vibe right in a cover is quite challenging. However, Sushant absolutely killed it and I would love to watch him sing this live one day!

He has so many awesome covers on his Instagram that it’s hard to find a favourite. However, these 6 have managed to absolutely blow my mind and I can’t get enough of them. Which cover by Sushant is your fave? Tell us in the comments below!

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