Fatima Sana Shaikh To Star In The Hindi Adaptation Of The Tamil Film ‘Aruvi’

Fatima Sana Shaikh To Star In The Hindi Adaptation Of The Tamil Film ‘Aruvi’

Shubanka Sridhar

Applause Entertainment, in collaboration with Faith Films have announced the official Hindi adaptation of the genre bending Tamil Film, Aruvi. Released in 2017, the social satire went on to widely travel across prestigious film festivals, winning accolades and cult status along the way.

This film will be directed by E Niwas and Fatima Sana Shaikh is set to play the fiery, eponymous titular role made so memorable by Aditi Balan in the Tamil original.

Lauded by audiences and critics alike, Aruvi was the rare commercial entertainer that also held a mirror to society, with its sparkling commentary on consumerism and misogyny, among other prevalent issues. As a character, Aruvi was heralded as a progressive, post-modern symbol of feminism, and her radical journey through the film was a spellbinding, sucker punch to the gut.

Speaking about doing the film, Fatima Sana Shaikh says:

I am so thrilled to do the remake of Aruvi and really looking forward to dive deep into the skin of the character. I am really glad that Applause Entertainment and Faith Films have come together with E Niwas to make this great content and I am really excited to embark on this journey.

Director E Niwas shares:

Aruvi is not just a story of a hero. It’s a triumph over the labyrinths of life. It’s totally euphoric and a privilege to explore one of the most beautiful cinematic characters I have come across. Fatima Sana Shaikh is an absolutely befitting choice.

Talking about the new project, Sameer Nair, CEO, Applause Entertainment, adds:

Equally funny and ferocious, Aruvi is a provocative, feminist social satire that stunned us when we first saw it. We were drawn in by its unconventional narrative, deftly balancing its black comedy leanings, with the beats of a tautly executed thriller.

Echoing Sameer’s statements, Viki Rajani, founder of Faith Films, says that the Tamil film was a game changer and there certainly is pressure. they are equally happy collaborating with Applause Entertainment and the entire team and are “thrilled to be backing a story as strong and gritty as Aruvi.”

The Hindi adaptation of Aruvi is set to begin filming in mid-2021. After having watched and thoroughly enjoyed the Tamil original, I sure am looking forward to this Hindi adaptation!