Mahhi Vij and Jay Bhanushali had, early after their marriage, decided to foster their house help’s children Khushi Ray and Rajveer Ray. Soon after, Mahhi gave birth to their biological child, Tara Jay Bhanushali. While they still consider their foster kids equally important in their hearts, the couple have seemingly been receiving a lot of flak for spending all their time with their child while their foster kids are in their hometown.

In the letter Mahhi posted on their social media, they have spoken about how they have received criticism for not paying enough attention to their foster children and that it wasn’t fair.

They write:

When Khushi came into our lives, we became parents but a part of us knows that the decision and the first rights belong to her father and mother. They had always wanted the kids to spend some time in Mumbai but eventually return to their hometown and be with their extended family and grandparents. And we feel that no one can judge what is better for a child, than their parents.

Have a look at the note:

The note also reads that the three of their children are equally important to them and that though Khushi and Rajveer are not in Mumbai, they remain in touch through video calls and messages. They add that the two children will have two permanent homes and that they will celebrate all the important festivals and birthdays together like always. They end the note asking everyone to bless their children and wish them well.