Content creation in itself is a full-time career that’s gaining a lot of momentum. In this diverse field, we come across many creators who highlight their uniqueness and creativity through different social media platforms. No doubt, these enthusiasts have become our daily source of entertainment and we love to watch their binge-worthy content. Speaking of talented creators, Simran Dhanwani is one of them! She is a rising YouTube star whose fun, relatable, and creative content is hitting us right in the feels. So, here’s everything you need to know about this dynamic and bubbly girl!

Who is Simran Dhanwani?

This 25-year-old ‘chulbuli’ girl started creating content in 2016 and is now stealing our hearts with her cuteness and talent. Coming from a creative media background, she has always been enthu about creating videos and content. Simran is a dynamic person who has been a key-note speaker at TEDx NIELIT Aurangabad along with Akash Dodeja. One thing that we love about her videos is that she puts her heart and soul into them. If you’re looking for sheer entertainment then you must check out Simran’s YouTube channel. The fact that she is independently producing her content with a minimum budget and getting so much love from her audience is just so amazing, isn’t it?

All about her content

Moving on to Simran’s content and videos, we all might remember her from Ashish Chanchlani’s famous video ‘When your crush talks to you for the first time’. Her acting was brilliant and that video went viral on social media with millions of views. Initially, we use to watch Simran in videos that were produced under ‘Ashish Chanchlani Vines‘. Later, with all the love and encouragement from her fans, she started her own YouTube channel. What took us all by surprise is that within 2 years her channel crossed over a million subscribers! Wow, this is mind-blowing and we’re super proud of her for achieving this milestone in such a short period of time.

Tbh, her dance, comedy, In-Real-Life videos and vlogs are something we can watch anytime and every time. Some of her best videos include the comedy Happy Diwali 2020 video with over 7.3 million views,  Chubti Jalti Garmi, is yet another funny video with over 9.5 million views and the list defo continues. Along with her own content she still manages to collaborate with other creators, which is fab! We can go on and on about how awesome Simran is as a creator. Honestly, if you haven’t checked her channel out yet then you are living under the rock for sure!

Here’s what Simran has to say about her journey,

From travelling in local trains for hours just for an audition to starting my very own YouTube channel and seeing it grow with over a million followers, it has truly been a remarkable journey for me.

In the near future, she aims to reach over 10 million subscribers, which she will surely achieve super soon. Also, she plans to collaborate with talented creators and we are all set to see what she has in store for us. We’re so proud of her for achieving the Golden Play button from YouTube for her excellent content. If you are looking for your daily dose of entertainment, her channel is the place to be!

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