Strong women around the world inspire us every single day. Today, we just take the chance to celebrate them. Personally, I believe that every single day is women’s day because they never cease to blow us away with their hard work and sheer resilience. However, on the occasion of International Women’s Day, we decided to ask our favourite influencers about the one female creator that inspired them. Their answers really melted my heart! So, are you ready to jump on the empowering train? Check out who do these influencers find most inspiring!

Here they are:

1. Ashish Chanchlani

Ashish Chanchlani is one of the top creators in the country. He has been an inspiration to millions. On the occasion of International Women’s Day, he revealed the name of the female creator who inspires him. Check it out!

One female creator that I look up to is my friend Prajakta Koli. She is extremely hard-working and has been working in this industry even before I entered. Today, she is working in movies, Netflix and I am very proud of her.

2. Malini Agarwal

Boss lady, Malini Agarwal has always believed in lifting women up and tbh, she inspires me every single day. Here’s who she finds inspiring,

One of the greatest influencers I look up to is Oprah. She really paved the way for kindness and empathy on television and the way she inspires women from every walk of life and every corner of the world is truly inspiring. Happy Women’s Day Oprah, I love you!

3. Anmol Sachar

Anmol Sachar is one of the most entertaining creators I know. His content and comic timing always leave me ROFLing. Here’s what he had to say on the occasion of International Women’s Day,

While there are so many female content creators who I absolutely enjoy watching, if I had to name one of them who really inspires me, I’d say Nidhi Kumar! Nidhi’s work ethic is unreal. I’ve seen her be consistent & persistent over the years & even though she may not have the fastest growth in terms of audience size, I admire her patience, persistence & especially the bond she shares with her audience. I look at her journey as somewhat similar to my personal one and there’s so much to learn from her!

4. Shalini Samuel a.k.a Knot Me Pretty

Shalini Samuel is one creator who never runs out of creativity! She has consistently put out awesome content and we love her dedication. She really likes Priyanka Chopra and finds her super inspiring. Ain’t gonna lie, PC reigns over a million hearts across the globe (including mine).

5. Siddharth Nigam

I am positive that most of us here know and love Siddharth Nigam! He’s the Aladdin of our hearts and here’s what he has to say,

I would not only say one girl but all the influencers. They all inspire me a lot, be it my friends or colleagues. The way they work and carry themselves in their own way, the things they teach me when I work with them and of course, the way they believe in themselves, all of this inspires me. Therefore, all my female friends and women really inspire me and I respect all of them.

6. Natasha Malpani Oswal

Natasha is a talented author, poet, producer and content creator whose audience is only growing by the day. When we asked her about a female creator who inspires her the most, here’s what she had to say,

As a producer, I’ve been very inspired by Mira Nair. I love how she tells uniquely Indian stories on a global stage. I still remember watching Monsoon Wedding for the first time as a child and being struck by the authenticity of her storytelling.

7. Parul Kakad

Parul is a superwoman in all aspects. She is not only a content creator but also an entrepreneur along with being a mommy to 4 adorable kids. Here’s who inspires her,

If you talk about influencers, there are different ways in which different people can influence your life in different aspects. I want to name a few including my best friend, Malini Agarwal just ’cause she’s just so sorted and got a boss babe vibe to her (and how she multitasks). Otherwise, an all-in-one fit mom who is creative, humble, crazy and spiritual is what I see myself as a person. That’s @jlo a.k.a Jennifer Lopez for me! 🤩🤩

8. Rashmi Chadha a.k.a @travelgirlindia

Rashmi is a growing travel vlogger and content creator. Not just that, she’s also a popular TEDx speaker and entrepreneur. A female creator she finds most inspiring is Malini Agarwal and we totally agree with her.

All these creators have done nothing but inspire us every single day with their hard work and passion. We wish all the women out there a very happy women’s day. Always remember that you make this world a better place! Since it’s International Women’s Day, which female creator do you find most inspiring? We would love to know in the comments below.

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