Let the countdown to the beach begin as here comes the sun! It’s time to pack your swimsuit, sunscreen and flip-flops and run to a paradise with palm trees, a cool breeze and salty seas vicariously through these amazing creator posts. If you are not sure how to spend your hot summer months at the beach then check out these sandy toes and sun-kissed posts by some of our favourite creators that will give you a virtual ‘beach please‘ vibe right away. So, scroll down to know more about what one can do on a beachy getaway.

Check it out:

1. Alanna Pandey

It looks like the waves are calling Alanna and she is all ready to swim through the timeless tides! Everything in the picture screams ‘BEACHY’ and taking our eyes off her fresh and breezy self just seems impossible. Ngl, I really wanna wear my swimsuit and let the waves hit my feet. Alanna, what’s the secret behind such aesthetically perfect pictures? I really wanna know!

2. Larissa D’sa

Well, Larissa is defo ‘beach-a-holic’ and this picture is big mood. Relaxing on the shore, sipping some sun is exactly what an ideal day at the beach looks like, isn’t it? We can’t stop gushing over her candid and serene pictures, I can mentally imagine myself soaking up all the vitamin ‘sea’.

3. Riaan J. George

Our beach fun is incomplete without a lil’ splish and splash’, isn’t it? Riaan is really having a blast in the water and we can get enough of the blues here. What’s better than relaxing and chillin‘ in water during the summers? Honestly speaking, capturing a picture like this is #BeachGoals!

4. Bruisedpassports

No doubt beaches are the perfect getaway for couples, aren’t they? This picture of the most adorable, power couple Savi and Vid made beaches one of the most romantic places to relax and spend quality time with your bae. Holding hands, walking on the shore and watching the sunset together will make you fall in love with your partner all over again.

5. Aakash Malhotra a.k.a Wander With Sky

Aakash is a travel blogger whose feed virtually takes us all around the world. We love how ‘Hawaiian‘ this picture is, casually wandering and walking on the beaches. It looks as if he is leaving his footprints on the sand and making memories as he moves forward. Oh, I wish I could be there too right now!

6. Tanya Khanijow

Happiness is where sand meets the sea! Tanya is yet another travel vlogger who loves to explore and clearly, we are loving all her expeditions. This picture is such a perfect candid, isn’t it? Everything here is surreal and I’m totally loving these beachy colours.

7. Anindita a.k.a Travel Chatter

It’s true that the beach makes one forgot the world and just relax and enjoy the present time. I personally loved this dramatic beach post by Anindita. Her caption really takes me to a ‘beachy’ state of mind. Enjoying nature, getting the tan lines and having the time of her life.

These posts have convinced us enough to escape to the nearest beach ASAP. Even though we know everyone is craving a summer vacation we encourage y’all to stay home and stay safe. The pandemic is still present and we must take all possible safety measures. However, this article here will help you plan your beach itinerary, start planning your dream getaway now!

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