Here’s Why You Should Be Replacing Your Hairbrush More Often

Here’s Why You Should Be Replacing Your Hairbrush More Often

Kanak Devnani

A great hairbrush can really be your best friend. It’s one tool that literally everybody needs and uses every day. But more often than not most of us have a bad habit of not caring for them properly or guilty of not replacing them at the right time. While brushes technically don’t have an expiry day they do need to be replaced often. Are you still using that ratty old brush since high-school or college? What are you doing girl! Ditch it ASAP!

Maybe you have one that’s relatively newer but this is a good time to take a good hard look at it. Yes, it might be coated with stray hair, which is normal but aside from that how nasty does it actually look? If it really can’t be cleaned its time to get a new one. I understand it can be painful to replace a pricey bristle brush but consider this; because of our daily use, brushes can be breeding grounds for all kinds of bacteria and yeast. Pretty gross right?! Now imagine it’s never been cleaned. Now you’re just running all that back into your hair time and time again which does horrible things for your scalp and hair health. From there it’s a one way street to hair breakage, breakouts or even worse. I’m already shuddering at the thought!

Keep reading to find out how often you should be replacing your hairbrush

1. Why do you need a new hairbrush?

Over time your hairbrush collects dust, bacteria, dead skin cells and build up from styling products. Eventually, even if you have been giving it a good wash it becomes impossible to remove even more so if you have a scalp condition like dandruff. You just brush all that grime back into your nice clean hair weighing it down. Think about it! It’s really gross not to mention damaging to your hair. Moreover, if you have bent or messed up bristles the brush won’t be doing its intended job well. Especially if you’re using heat to the style, you’ll end up using more heat going over it again and again. Yikes! Frizzy ends, hair damage and breakage? No thank you!

2. When should you replace it?

A good rule of thumb is to replace your brush every six to twelve months. However, it also depends on several factors. If your brush looks like roadkill, girl, don’t even think twice just toss it! Another telltale sign is if the base cushion is cracked or too squishy plus. Of course, the most obvious sign of all when you’re missing bristles and prongs or they’re separating, melting or fraying its time to replace your hairbrush. Moreover, it doesn’t matter how old or new your brush is at this point. If its catching and pulling your hair out its time to say goodbye.

Also the type and texture of your hair, and the treatments and products you apply affect the overall longevity. Usually, if you have thick or curly hair you may notice typical signs of wear earlier because it takes more force to brush it, which may wear it out quicker. Investing in a high-quality brush and doing regular deep cleanse at least once a month will make definitely make them last longer. However, keep in mind though that these too will eventually need to be replaced so don’t get too attached! But more expertly crafter tools do have a good chance of hitting the 12-month mark because they engineered to last longer and tend to have heat-resistant bristles. So there’s less chance of damage to the hair.

Quick Tip: If you’re still unsure, make it a habit to swap your brushes at least once a year.

3. How to keep them clean

The number one rule to extend the lifespan of your brush and keep your hair healthy is to clean it regularly. If you don’t clean out your brush, you may run the risk of transferring this buildup back into your hair and scalp. Try to avoid overbrushing your hair and every so often clean it with a mild shampoo and warm water. Remember to lay the brush facing down on the bristles to dry. This will allow any water to drain out faster and avoid water from getting trapped which could lead to fungus or mould. If you really want to know how to identify and care for all kinds of hairbrushes or combs in your collection take a look at this video or our handy guide here.

When was the last time you replaced your hairbrush? What’s your favourite kind of brush? Let us know in the comments below.

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