Tahira Kashyap and Ayushmann Khurrana never fail to give us major couple goals, no? From having a marriage that is so real and inspiring to being two individually such amazing people who we can’t help but love.

Speaking about their love story, we know theirs is a romance that dates back to many years ago. Today marks 20 years of them first speaking to each other on phone, the day their love story began. Tahira took to her Instagram to share a cute video compilation of all their important and memorable moments – right from their school and college days to marriage and parenthood. She says that they started the call with an Umm, and said that now, she can say “Umm, I love you” as she’s realised that expressing love isn’t cheesy and that it is so important to never miss an opportunity to express it whenever you can.

Check out her video:

Isn’t this the most adorable recounting of such an important moment in their lives?

Ayushmann also took to his Instagram to share that Tahira was the sole reason for his terrible grades in 12th grade as they began dating right before their chemistry exam. He recounts how they heard Bryan Adams’ Inside Out on loop and were always scared that their parents will pick the call from the other parallel line. He ends by saying “Aaj Do Dashak Ho Gaye” and if you’re also wondering what dashak means like I was, I have you covered, friends. It means decade. He meant, “Today, It has been two decades”. Aww!

Check out his post:

Aren’t they just the cutest! Happy anniversary, you guys!