In a world where you can be anything or anyone, how often do you choose to be yourself? With an audience always ready with comments of every kind, it is possible to not be able to show your true selves easily. However, despite this, there have been a few women who have spoken their minds in an entertaining way. We’re celebrating such women who chose to be themselves despite the comments, judgments, and more. These women influencers went ahead and showed the world who they truly are. Their unapologetic bold side made them stand out from the rest of the content creators… helping them become the ultimate trendsetters!

Check them out!

1. Kusha Kapila

Those who have been following Kusha Kapila since her South Delhi aunty days, know that she has upped her ‘influencer’ game big time. Whatever be the theme of the video, the uncensored and unfiltered touch of Kusha, assures the viewers that the time spent watching her videos is definitely worth their while. Billi Masi, FTW!

2. Ruhee Dosani

The lockdown last year was a difficult time for all of us, but the fun and light-hearted content sure did help restore sanity and got the digital platforms booming. And one such digital wonder and talented influencer discovered amid the pandemic was Ruhee Dosani. This ‘Punjab di kudi living abroad’ (as she describes herself) sprung to fame with her interesting dance videos ranging from Hindi to Bhojpuri songs featuring her firangi friends. With her unconventional street style and dance moves on point, fans cannot get enough of her and her videos.

3. Niharika NM a.k.a @niharika_nm

You know you don’t want to mess with Niharika because then you’ll have a hilarious video coming up about your conversation with her and how she slayed like nobody’s business. This YouTuber and influencer, who made her switch to Instagram Reels, recently hit a million followers on the platform, thanks to her super relatable content featuring that bang on South Indian humour. Gurl, you’re here to stay and slay!

4. Sima Taparia

‘Sima Taparia from Mumbai’, now that’s an introduction we can say in one breath. This wedding matchmaker created some noise with the Netflix docu-reality series, Indian Matchmaking. And what followed was an uncontrollable amount of memes, parody videos, fan base, and interviews. Sima’s blunt nature and eyeball-grabbing one-liners in the series were so relatable and cliché that they won hearts. Today, she has a few brands under her kitty and a fan base that is eagerly awaiting to see more of her. Another highlight definitely being a parody video made by Lilly Singh. You know you’ve arrived if Lilly makes a video inspired by you!

5. Srishti Dixit a.k.a @srishtipatch

An entertainer like no other, Srishti has definitely come a long way. Having started her journey a few years back, Srishti moved on to becoming an independent influencer. Her content touched controversial topics like contemporary social issues related to caste, class, and gender teamed with a hilarious twist. Her collaborations include not only brands but OTT platforms like Netflix too.

6. Rytasha Rathore

From being the face of a popular primetime drama series Badho Bahu, to the perfect bestie in Masaba Masaba, Rytasha’s fans grew exponentially. And if you do follow her on Instagram you’d know how much of a fun-riot this one can be. Most of Rytasha’s posts are unfiltered, unedited, and mostly as-is, promoting natural beauty and body positivity. Kudos to you, Kween!

People look up these influencers in the entertainment space for quality and relatable content. Many times, even for nailing the societal issues quite smoothly. So, which creator do you find the most entertaining and inspiring? We would love for you to share them in the comments below!

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