Having pets at home is similar to having a child and there’s no denying that! Be it a cat, a dog or any other animal, we absolutely love pets and find them super adorable. They shower us with so much pure love that we can rarely find among humans. So, if you ask us to choose between pets and humans, you know what our answer would be! 😛 Also, I love cats as much as I love dogs, because they are always so enigmatic. So many of our favourite influencers and creators are parents to the most adorable cats in the world and they keep posting cute pictures with them. So, if you are a cat parent or are planning to adopt a purrryy friend for yourself then you should totes keep scrolling for some inspo!

Check them out:

1. MSK

This is hands down the cutest picture of MSK with his cats, Laila and Majnu! His cats are just too adorable to look at and we can’t wait to actually get a chance to play with them. Also, can we please talk about how innovatively he has named them?

2. Rohan Joshi

Honestly, this is the best ‘short film’ I have watched in a long time! 😛 The only word that comes to my mind after watching this video is ‘purrr-fect‘. Also, ngl, Rohan’s cat is our perpetual Monday mood.

3. Sonali Bhadauria

Sonali Bhadauria is one of the most popular dancers on the Internet rn and everyone fawns over her moves. However, did you know she is a parent to an adorable cat and a doggo? This picture of her with her dad and her pets manages to make my heart melt every single time.

4. Debasree Banerjee

We love watching Debasree’s beauty content! Her feed is super aesthetic and I can’t seem to stop admiring it. However, she frequently posts pictures with her two adorable lil’ cats and that makes me go ‘awwww‘. Not just that, Sushi Roll and Shadow Winters also have their own Instagram account. I can confidently say that they are some of the cutest petfluencers I know.

5. House Of Misu

A few months back the influencer duo, House Of Misu welcomed home a sweet furball named ‘Gigi‘ and I am already in love with it. Just look at those adorable expressions she’s making? I wish I could get a chance to cuddle with her.

6. Mallika Dua

Honestly, I like minimum social interaction and these are the only kind of cuddles I’m totally on board for! I love it when pet parents manage to click such cute pictures with their furballs and share them with everyone. This is exactly the dose of love I need every day.

7. Sonali Malhotra

It was indeed a squishy morning for Sonali Malhotra! Waking up to some purrr-fect love from your cat sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? I am totes gushing over this video, are you?

After watching their adorable pictures and videos, I defo feel like adopting a furrball too! Do you have a cat in your family? Tell us all about your squishy friend in the comments below!

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