The Girl Tribe By MissMalini App
The Girl Tribe By MissMalini App

We recently launched our Girl Tribe by MissMalini App, come join this wonderful community! Click here to download for Android and iOS.

The internet can be a scary place sometimes. With all its trolling, judgement, cat-fishing and an endless string of Ramesh‘s ungraciously sliding into your DMs, social networking can be an extremely uncomfortable place. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could use social media without worrying about all the annoyances it comes with? As it turns out, we can! ICYMI, the Girl Tribe App made its way into multiple application stores and changed the way we, as women, view social networking. It’s a one-of-a-kind platform that makes social media a better place, and here’s why you need it in your life!

13 Reasons Why You Need The Girl Tribe App In Your Life

1. Only Women Community

Just like those viral threads that started conversations on what women would do in a man-free world, the Girl Tribe App has not only done the same but made it an online reality. There are no men on the app, which automatically makes the chances of you getting unwarranted images and vulgar pick-up-lines, absolutely zero.

2. Zero Trolling & Negativity

No mean comments, no rude messages, no online-bullying and absolutely no hate! The Girl Tribe App is a place of love and kindness, and even though this sounds cheesy, it’s such a necessity online (that’s extremely low in supply). This is one of the main reasons we need the Girl Tribe App in our lives.

3. Safe & Judgement-Free Zone

You can be yourself, your true, unfiltered, uninhibited self on the Girl Tribe App. There is no judgement (don’t worry, the judgemental aunties are not allowed on this app) and it is an extremely safe space. If anything, it will surely give you a major confidence boost!

4. Positivity Points

This is the currency of the Girl Tribe App. Positivity Points are rewards you get for simply being kind. The more positivity and niceness you spread, the more points you get! These points can be redeemed in the Tribe Store as well!

5. The Tribe Store

AKA a store where you can buy things by simply being kind. There’s no real money involved. The products are incredible too! Right from clothes, hairsprays and makeup to pet food, the store has it all!

6. Ask Me Anything Sessions

Whether it’s about hair care, gut health, entrepreneurship or even astrology, the Girl Tribe App has experts who can answer any questions you may have. These #GirlTribeAMA sessions are informative, insightful and easily accessible. This is a major reason you need the Girl Tribe App in your life!

7. Fun Contests

The Girl Tribe App is home to a lot of contests that include unique giveaways and celebrity meetings! The Girl Tribe‘s trademark event is Virtual Happy Hours, i.e. exciting, live sessions with celebrities (pssst…Rohit Saraf did it twice)!

8. Girl Boss Spotlight

This is hands-down the best part about the Girl Tribe App. Boss ladies can market and showcase their business in the Girl Boss Spotlight. It’s a virtual marketplace where we get exposed to and are able to support homegrown, women-led and passionate businesses, which is incredible and a proud reason you need the Girl Tribe App in your life.

9. Vibes, Vibes & More Vibes

Gone are the “likes” and “hearts” to express approvals, and in are the “vibes”. On the Girl Tribe App, you can react with Vibes, be it “Hug”, “You Go Girl” or “Queen”. There are so many Vibes that radiate positivity on all levels, and more than anything, they’re super fun to use. Plus, you feel really good (and also loved and supported) when someone uses them on your posts.

10. Ribbons For Days

Ribbons are achievements for being social and interacting on the Girl Tribe App. Whether you’re a serial commenter, conversation starter, star communicator or serial sticker-giver, you will be rewarded for it. There are many Ribbons and we won’t lie, but you just gotta have them all!

11. Stickers That Are TDF

If you had an overflowing sticker book as a child, you will love the stickers on the Girl Tribe App. You can send and receive them in abundance, and they really do spark joy. Plus, new ones keep getting added! Personally, the Galentine‘s Day sticker pack on the Girl Tribe App is my favourite!

12. Great Content Section

The world loves content in all forms and on all things under the sun. Luckily, so does the Girl Tribe App! The content section within the app has videos, blogs and more covering fashion, beauty, lifestyle, influencers, celebrities, social issues, health, showbiz and more! And as the app grows, this section will only get bigger and better.

13. Strong Bonds & Real Connections

This is one of the best and main reasons you need the Girl Tribe App in your life. You make real, genuine connections with amazing women around the world. The Girl Tribe App has the same vibe as that of a women’s bathroom at a club. It’s safe, fun, comfortable and a real catalyst for friendships.

Have you downloaded the Girl Tribe App yet? If you have, then tell us what you like the most about it in the comments below! If not, then download it now for iOS and Android here.