Twitter ‘Spaces’ Is Here And It’s An Audio-Only Chat Room You Never Knew You Needed

Twitter ‘Spaces’ Is Here And It’s An Audio-Only Chat Room You Never Knew You Needed

Natasha Patel

Have you ever listened to a podcast and thought about how if you were listening in on that conversation while it was happening LIVE, what’d you ask the panelist or host? Well, let us introduce a new “space” on the internet that’s going to take over conversations and give you a whole new social media experience! Twitter Spaces—a voice-based social networking feature that’s slowly taking over the app and the internet, and one that Team MM had the honour of testing on and hosting with none other than Nikkia Reveillac, the Head of Research at Twitter.

As for the conversation, we highlighted the need for community and the need for building a safe way to connect with others through these voice chats, where thoughtful conversations can take place and where we can talk about the things that truly matter. When asked the women on Girl Tribe by MissMalini about what they’d want to talk openly about on the internet, a ton of topics came up… Everything ranging from motherhood to womanhood, to social causes and mental health—which just goes to show how with the onset of such features like Twitter Spaces we can choose our narrative and choose to be kinder on social media.

When Malini Agarwal asked Nikkia about what she wished people could talk openly about on the platform and how meaningful conversations can come up, here’s what she said;

When women are together there are topics that don’t come up sometimes–Motherhood, fertility, inadequacy, social causes and justice but what gets said in private, needs to be said in public as well. We need
more men to become our allies and engage in conversation…. Which is 


Spaces democratises and unites all. There’s a sense of calm yet control here, and a it is the future of 


Twitter Spaces allows you to be a listener as well as join in on the conversation, all within a safe and friendly space. You can listen in on things, hear another person or expert’s perspective without having hateful or hurtful commentary on the other side. Here’s how it works:

On Twitter Space, the host can choose who speaks. The host may allow, everyone, people you follow or only invited people to be speakers. Since Spaces are public, anyone can really join the Space as a listener, including people who don’t follow you. And the great part about this is that it filters and limits out the people who talk back by first having them listen to the conversation first before “attacking” anyone verbally.

Along with Malini and Nikkia, there were a few Team MM ladies and members of the Girl Tribe who gave their views and perspectives on what and how women need a space to be able to talk freely on the internet:

Alisha Fernandes, Features Director;

Trolling and hateful comments, it’s also that the general internet doesn’t facilitate learning through dialogue or conversation because the tendency is to always hate on or shame the person for not knowing or asking “stupid” questions. But in the girl tribe, feeling safe amongst the people they are in the company of, women ask so many questions that in turn inform and educate even the others who may not have asked the question too. Whether on sex for pleasure or sexual health or even disturbing and just hidden aspects of motherhood and child rearing.

Karishma Govil, Trending Editor;

Women should be able to express themselves without feeling judged. It could be anywhere, online or offline. That’s why a platform like Twitter Spaces and Girl Tribe By MissMalini are so necessary. It’s so liberating to be on a platform where I can speak up and know I won’t be bombarded by hate comments or inappropriate messages. And every platform online should provide such a safe experience.

Natasha Patel, Deputy Features Director;

Having a space that’s judgment-free, where you can be yourself, and where knowledge and insight trumps all is so necessary. On Twitter Spaces you don’t need to visually see the other person. You hear them out, you exchange experiences, information and learn from each other… Because beauty is not judged by what you see and how great you can cover up the acne spots, beauty is within everyone, and knowledge is beautiful.

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