Let me start off by saying that last month was indeed a musical one, wasn’t it? Being one of the biggest music fans of all time, we came across some really feel-good music videos that featured talented influencers and creators. Their performance literally keeps us hooked to their tracks for hours. We’re super lucky to enjoy songs that fit all our moods for this month. So, what are you waiting for? Keep scrolling through and add these songs by some lovely content creators to your current playlist right away!

Check them out:

1. Mere Dil Vich

Mere Dil Vich‘ is an amazing outcome of 2 starboys collaborating. Tbh, we live for such collaborations, don’t we? Every time we listen to this happy-go-lucky song, we fall in love with it all over again. As fangirls, watching Tanzeel Khan and Arjun Kanungo together made our hearts skip a beat. If you guys haven’t listened to it yet then y’all are seriously missing out on something beautiful.

2. Maashuka 

With over 700k views, this song has been winning our hearts because of its peppy beats! The lyrics, concept and location manage to keep us glued to our screens. Also, we can’t stop gushing over how cute Bhavin Bhanushali and Niharika Tiwari look in this song. I am sure just like us, even their fans wish for the music track to never end, amirite?

3. De Ijaazat

OMG, this song features the ultimate jodi, Mr. Faisu and Ruhi Singh! I mean what can we even say about #FaiRuh’s on-screen chemistry? We have to admit that this song is one of the most romantic tracks of the month. The beats and the lyrics will make you wanna keep listening to the song. Tbh, this video made the month of love even more special.

4. Vichhora

This beautiful track right here will take you on a roller coaster of emotions. The way Ashish Bisht and Rabica Wadhawan portray love through sacrifice is just too soulful, deep and relatable. This track has received an immense amount of love from everyone and without any doubt, this song will leave you 100% emotional!

5. Rovaan Layi

Well, we all agree that love makes us do crazy things, isn’t it? Surely this one is a perfect example of a love triangle! Vishal Pandey, Purabhi Bhargava, and Aashika Bhatia’s are going all-out with their performance and nailing it together. It’s a lovely track with such emotional lyrics that hits us right in the feels. I am sure you are convinced to watch it?

6. Carrom Ki Rani

Looks like Ramji Gulati was on a winning streak as he released a number of songs last month with different creators. The much-awaited song finally released and received ample love from #Fainat fans. With over 5 million views this song has taken over the internet and is trending on YouTube. We have been grooving to the peppy beats of this track since the release. If you haven’t checked out Jannat and Mr. Faisu’s song yet then you have to catch up on a lot of things! 😛

7. Dil Fakeera

Bhavin Bhanushali and Sameeksha Sud simply killed it together in this music track! As the name suggests it’s a song that is all about love. We can’t point out any single thing but can say overall it’s just phenomenal and we are totally addicted to it.

8. Ringtone

Gosh, this is one of the cutest songs of the month. Every time you listen to this track you will end up saying ‘aww‘! Riyaz Aly and Aroob Khan look super adorable together. The video gives us very bubbly and cutesy vibes and we legit can’t stop binging to it. This music video is a super-duper hit and we can’t wait to watch this duo create more tracks like this!

9. Marda Chhod Gaya

All the #TeenTigada fans, this month was indeed musical for you. It’s nothing new that Vishal Pandey and Sameeksha Sud together always manage to wow us with their performance. This song has some intense emotions but at the same time, it’s just so heartwarming. We would really like them to give us some tips on being so natural on-screen!

10. Satane Lage Ho

Ruhii Singh with Ninja is just a superb combo, isn’t it? What really stood out for us in this music track was the visuals that were beautifully shot. Moreover, the song, lyrics, and location everything went hand in hand and we loved it.

By now you know why February was a musical month. These mind-blowing tracks had us grooving to the beats and tunes of the songs. Tbh, we can’t wait to watch and hear some new peppy songs in the coming month. From this list, which one is your favourite? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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