FAQS On Manifesting Our Desires—Answered (Part 1)

FAQS On Manifesting Our Desires—Answered (Part 1)

Pooja Maheshwary

Ever wondered how certain people seem to “have it all”? Well, chances are they may have mastered the technique of “manifestation“. Manifestation is the process of using visualisation, positive thinking, affirmations and intentional action to bring your desires into reality.

To understand more about manifestation, we recently invited NLP Trainer and Life Coach, Pamela Puja Kirpalani, to host an Ask Me Anything session on Girl Tribe by MissMalini on Facebook. Pamela answered all questions related to manifesting and attracting desires (like a partner, money, and new opportunities), building a positive mindset, daily practices for attracting, building better relations with people, maintaining work-life balance, and more! Scroll down to read all she had to share!

Q. I usually have fears, doubts and I make up negative outcomes for everything in my mind. What’s the thing which I can do every day to stay positive and focus on the things I want?

This is very normal for a lot of people because our brains are like ‘velcro’ for negative situations—it’s a protective survival mechanism in humans. So, don’t feel bad about it. Instead, look out for five positive situations for every one negative thought.

Q. I have heard that positive thinking and affirmations do not work if your core beliefs are negative. How can one change their core beliefs?

Core beliefs can be changed by reversing them. So doing a process with a coach or therapist can help you navigate and transform those core beliefs into ones that are more well-serving for you. And yes, positive thinking and affirmations are pointless if your core beliefs are not aligned with them.

Q. How can one attract health, money and great relationships?

Really, the best way is to first identify what you want from these particular areas. Step 1: What type of health, how much money, and what type of relationships you want. Step 2: Learning how to feel positive about those situations. Step 3: Keeping yourself in a good frame of mind and immersed in positive feelings throughout the day to attract them faster to you.

Q. How can one make affirmations work?

To make affirmations work, you need to use them ONLY when you are in a good place. So, practice them first thing in the morning, before you’ve checked your phone or emails. And use positive language. I also like to use affirmations before going to bed—they are most powerful just before going to sleep.

Q. How to stay positive? Will all that I’ve lost be restored to me?

Please maintain yourself in good-feeling thoughts throughout the day. How do you do this? Keep uplifting company—people that support you. Go for walks and listen to music that you resonate with. Do activities that take you away from your ruminations. Get inspired listening to podcasts and books.

Q. I’ve always been hesitant and scared to try something new. How do I attract new opportunities?

The minute fear comes into your radar, you will vibrationally emit those frequencies. And then the very thing that you want, will stay away from you. The minute you say to yourself “I am open to receiving new opportunities and attracting abundance into my life”, you are on par with a new vibration and will automatically cause sympathetic resonance.

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