All you have to do is take a look at Instagram and you’ll find it’s impossible to scroll through without encountering this graphic pattern everywhere. From clothes to nails, these patterns been popping up all about. Whenever I see this print it always reminds me of a classic pair of Vans proving that the ‘90s and 00s vibes are still going strong in the fashion and beauty world. This trend draws on a pattern that is so versatile for even just accent nails. Moreover, you have a whole unlimited colour palette to use. Even Kylie Jenner herself was got in on the trend. She was spotted rocking neon checkered nails in different hues with a French tip style.

Sort of like the preppy ginghams or plaids cooler cousin, checkered prints are a little edgier. Very versatile it can look clean and classic, emo or even quirky or psychedelic. Not to mention totally sporty racing-flag vibes if that’s your thing. I’ve seen so many nail artists take inspiration from this and elevating their absolutely gorgeous designs! Love it or hate it this is one trend you can’t escape this season. I for one can’t wait to try some of these more extra looks.

Keep scrolling to check out some cool checkered print nails you just have to try:

1. Swooping Edges

One of the most replicated versions that really kicked things off is this set Lauren Ladnier got done. It featured pattern in swooping French tips and varying colours that’s bright yet very chic.

2. Daisy Tips

Consider yourself ready for the spring/summer season with this set that has us dreaming of picnics at the park.

3. Feeling Blue

Mix your checks with another trend, the wavy pattern or edges and you’ve got yourself double the fun.

4. Acrylic Fun

Go a little extra with long acrylics, bright polish and nail stickers galore. Who said you can’t have it all.

5. Quirky Pastels

Classy but sassy, this manicure with accent nails and checkered hearts is super cute no matter the season.

6. Flower power

Totally groovy and ’70s, inspired but the graphic print with spring colours keeps the nails feeling modern and cool.

7. A Classic Match

A fan of the classic vans? Just match your shoes to your nails and take the thinking out of the equation.

8.Coffee and Cream

Bright colours, not your thing? Go with more muted browns and cream shades and play around with the checkered sizes on each nail.

If you’re you’re skilled with a detail brush and looking to replicate a basic checkerboard nail set at home check out this easy tutorial below. All you really need is a steady hand or some striping tape handy to map out your nails on a dry base.

Which of these checkerboard nail designs do you love the most? Let me know in the comments below.

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