Most of us have our eyes set on a few of our mom’s or grandmom’s sarees that they don’t wear anymore. The colours of some, the prints of some and the fabrics of some are the main reasons why sarees, no matter how old or new, can never go out of style! They’re undoubtedly a classic. But there’s also some of us who don’t want to drape these age-old gems as sarees, again. So how do you give them a new life? We’ve been doing some thinking and researching and have successfully charted out a list of ways you can turn a saree into something a little more fun. From giving them an Indo-western spin to turning them into accessories and home decor, read on for all the ways to play around with your favourite six-yard staples.

1. A dress

Bored with the dresses in your wardrobe? Or bored of seeing the same design on someone else? Take one of your favourite sarees and turn it into a dress—bodycon, fit-and-flare, tunic to what not. The options are limitless! A great way to give traditional staples a modern look.

2. A kurta or anarkali

The most fuss-free way to don a saree is by turning it into a kurta. And now with festive season in full swing, chances are your calendars are marked with at least a couple weddings. Why burn a hole in your pocket and shop for brand new outfits when you can charm your way through the festivities by turning an old saree into a striking new anarkali or a kurta set?

3. A skirt

Midi, maxi or mini, straight, flared or pencil, take your pick and turn that saree whose print and fabric you’ve been eyeing, into a skirt. Pair it with a kurta for a boho-chic look, a crisp shirt for a fusion look or an ethnic blouse for a traditional function. Don’t stop your sartorial fantasies from running wild!

4. A pair of palazzos

Palazzos have been topping the trend charts for a while now, thanks to their superior comfort and effortless style factor. Now imagine wearing one with a shiny brocade border or a luxurious saree print. You’re bound to invite a host of compliments and questions about your buy, trust us!

5. Dhoti pants

Just like palazzos, dhoti pants have also seen an outpour of love. The best part about them? You can drape them into one instead of stitching them from the scratch. But of course, if you’re about that hassle-free life, we suggest stitching your favourite six-yard into a pair of dhoti. Wear them with kurtas, shirts, crop-tops and what not. Style recommendations can go on and on!

6. A lehenga

Wedding season is always celebrated with much gusto in India. And nobody can get enough of a good lehenga for the festivities. Am I right or am I right? So instead of buying an expensive and extravagant number, go for something unique and cost-efficient by picking a saree and turning it into a lehenga. It comes with an added perk: lightweight but OTT.

7. A dupatta

You can’t deny the charm of a statement dupatta on a simple kurta set. It elevates the entire look instantly. On chilly days, you have the option to drape the it as a luxe shawl or for a fusion look, as a blouse. Enter limitless style videos on Instagram. There are honestly so many ways to style a statement dupatta. You can mix and match it for more than one outfit!

8. A potli

A potli has become like a go-to accessory to make a statement with an ethnic OOTD. And they’re all pretty expensive to buy, no? Well, why burn a hole in your pocket when you can make one for a much cheaper price? All you need is a string, a latkan, and an old saree of course, and you’re good to go!

9. Cushion covers

How to up the game of your living room and make yourself seem like an aesthete? By giving recycling a try. Throw-pillows and cushion covers made from unique sarees will add a bohemian touch to your space. The luxurious fabrics, the delicious colours and the eccentric patterns will liven up your home and have guests go gaga over your decoration skills!

10. Notebook covers

Love yourself some pretty looking stationery? Can’t stop cashing out on notebooks with eye-catching covers? Why not turn an old saree into a notebook cover if you’re looking to add to your existing collection? Make it at home with a glue gun and a basic running stitch or get it made from a tailor. Best way to put a saree to use, no?

Have we managed to spark some interest on upcycling sarees? Tell us in the comments below!

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