7 Key Style Traits That Define Gen Z Fashion

7 Key Style Traits That Define Gen Z Fashion

Sakshi Kore

Individualistic, unabashed and inclusive—these are the traits that define Gen Z. Born between 1995-2015, Generation Z is as fearless as they are accepting. These characteristics are visible in their sartorial choices too. Who says fashion can’t be comfortable? This generation has made it abundantly clear that style and comfort can go hand-in-hand just perfectly. Is fashion reserved for a small percentage of the population? You couldn’t be more wrong. Do you become a style icon simply by following trends? No-no! So how do you ace the famous Gen Z style? There are about 7 traits that define their style, and they’re all based on the first three words of this paragraph. Keen to know more? Don’t stop scrolling!

7 key style traits that define Gen Z fashion:

1. Active-wear more like everyday-wear

Gen Z is truly about marrying form and function. To make a statement, you needn’t compromise on your comfort or the functionality of the outfit—a core belief of this generation. And that’s how athleisure clothing came into being, but with a stylish twist. Chic tracksuits, oversized jerseys, sweatpants with utility pockets, all that rage behind sneakers, are just a few styles to name.

Sara Ali Khan
Sara Ali Khan

2. Gender-bender because why not

Androgynous clothing has gained a whole lot of prominence in the recent few years along with a subcategory called normcore. Gender-fluid clothing removes unnecessary sartorial restrictions which clearly is the ideology that Gen Z believes in—diversity and inclusivity. Normcore—normal-looking clothing or unisex clothing, essentially comprise wardrobe staples that aren’t statement-making but fashionable and can be worn by any gender. Boyfriend jeans, dad-fit, mom jeans, unisex t-shirts are a handful of clothing items to name.

3. XXL because comfort-first

Raid any Gen Z’s wardrobe and you’ll find it hard to come across a closet that doesn’t have at least a single oversized piece of clothing. Comfort and outré are two elements that majorly shape their style. Oversized shirts? Check. Oversized pants? Check. Oversized sweaters? Check. Chunky shoes? Check! It’s that street-style vibe oversized clothes exude that makes them such a Gen Z-favourite.

4. Kind to nature and humans

Although ethical and sustainable fashion isn’t a trend, the conversation around it has only gained more momentum now. More and more young consumers are interested to know how their clothes are made, how much damage they’re causing and the best ways to avoid that from happening. Shopping from sustainable brands isn’t the only way to make this industry sustainable. Ethical measures with regard to production (start to finish), being aware of how workers are treated and finally being mindful about how to take care of clothes and accessories to increase their longevity are all things that Gen Z is talking more about and actively practising, as well.

5. Second-hand is the way forward

Nothing to wear? How to repeat an outfit? Hand-me-downs or second-hand clothing… oh no! They don’t sound like Gen Z problems. These consumers are in-fact all about making the best use of what they already have or things they can borrow or rent. Today’s generation understands the impact of fashion on the environment and hence find joy and their creative spirit in the concept of beg, borrow and steal. PS. they’re also aware of the value and the allure of vintage finds. They’re young at heart with a tinge of that old-world charm.

6. Treasure the past

As I mentioned, Generation Z is young at heart with a tinge of old-world charm, and often turn to their retro counterparts to switch up their wardrobes. Y2K trends think low-waisted jeans, bell bottoms, baguettes, cropped camisoles, ribbed shrugs, velour tracksuits and more make recurring cameos in Gen Z OOTDs.

7. Marrying multiple cultures

Indo-western or retro-esque, Gen Z is all about amalgamating multiple styles and cultures and for all the right reasons. Fusion-wear, think jeans with kurta or skater skirts with oversized shirts, lehengas with sports bras or traditional prints on modern clothing pieces is heavily favoured by the young generation. Given their knach for experimenting, it’s no surprise their love for Indie fashion!