Well, it’s true that from starting conversations to pick-up lines, Bollywood dialogues have been our go-to for anything and everything. I am sure everyone must have used or at least were tempted to use some of these timeless and popular dialogues in our daily life at some point. Ngl, but here are a few creators whose posts immediately remind us of these evergreen lines and therefore I thought it would be fun to take you on a trip down the filmy lane and refresh some fave dialogues that we will surely keep saying till the end of time. Let’s go!

Here they are:

1. “Dosti ka ek usool hai madam – no sorry, no thank you.”

OMG, this dialogue really had a grand impact, making it one of the most timeless friendship lines. Okay, look at this post by Teen Tigada and just imagine the dialogue playing in the background, wouldn’t it be a perfect match? Bhavin Bhanushali, Vishal Pandey and Sameeksha Sud really define what friendship goals are. Also, if the modern Maine Pyaar Kiya movie was to release with Teen Tigada as the cast then the movie surely would be a blockbuster.

2. “Mein apni favourite hoon!”

There is no denying that Sakshi Sindwani’s post gives us major Geet vibes from Jab We Met! Her bubbly and head over heels in self-love nature really resonates with the character in reality and therefore when this dialogue pops up, I can blindly imagine her. Tbh, I feel just like Sakshi we all must be our own FAVES too!

3. “How’s the josh?”

This catchy phrase from the super hit movie Uri: The Surgical Strike is nowadays heard in almost all households, isn’t it? Name a better creator than Ranveer Allahbadia a.k.a BeerBiceps that can remind you of ‘Josh’, I’ll wait. It is Ranveer’s positivity and never-giving-up nature that automatically reminds us of him every time we hear this dialogue. I am 100% sure if Ranveer says “How’s the Josh” all his fans will reply “High Sir” and it will be epic!

4. “Ek baar jo maine commitment kar di, fir main apne aap ki bhi nahi sunta.”

We come across many catchy dialouges but some get stuck in our minds like glue! Am I the only one or do you also agree that Mr. Faisu gives us hero vibes? Mr. Faisu looks bold, fit, handsome and strong-headed and this iconic line from Wanted defo matches his charming vibe!

5. “Don’t underestimate the power of a common man!”

This popular dialogue from Chennai Express went viral in no time and became famous among the audience. The dialogue says it all and therefore we relate it to the talented change-makers Abhi and Niyu. The fact that they believe every individual has the power to make a change is enough to prove that this dialogue totally reminds us of them, amirite?

6. “Mhari choriya chhoro se kam hai kay!”

The movie, Dangal was very inspiring and so were the dialogues. This particular iconic phrase reminds us only and only of Ritu Rathee, isn’t it? A superwoman who has herself inspired many girls out there to follow their passion and do what they love with hard work and dedication. She has set an example that females are not less than men in any way and we are super proud of her, keep it up Ritu!

7. “Tumhe koi haq nai ki tum itni khoobsurat lago

Komal or Poo? All the Poo fans were you at? Gosh, I can totally imagine Komal saying this dialogue every day while dressing up for shoots! We would not mind repeating this again but Komal is a diva and we simply can’t get enough of her.

8. “Mera sense of humour bohot achcha hai. Aapko dheere dheere pata chal jayega!”

What can we even say about the similarities? If you have watched Queen you can relate to the fact that Rani’s sense of humour was based on things she observed just like our rising entertainer, Jake. They both can create content on anything and everything and that’s what makes them unique and lovable. So, next time you listen to this phrase you will defo start laughing thinking about how similar Jake and Rani’s comic is!

Every time I think of these iconic dialogues from super hit movies, these creators pop up in my head and I can’t think enough about how aptly they fit with the dialogue. These talented creators are creating crazy content each day and we love them all too much! Imagine if you were to get a chance to hear these creators actually say this dialogue how cool will they look? Out of this list, which one do you think is a 100% match? Tell us in the comments below.

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