When you have spent so much time together and seen so much of life together, it reflects in the relationship you have, no? Anil Kapoor and wife Sunita Kapoor‘s relationship is one such. The actor shared a lovely birthday wish for his wife today and shared how she is his ‘soul mate’ who has been with him through the highs and lows in life.

Taking to his Instagram, Anil shares some lovely pictures with Sunita and wrote a lovely note to go with it.

His caption read:

To the love of my life, @kapoor.sunita. From travelling in 3rd class train compartments to local buses to rickshaws to kali peeli taxis; from flying economy to business to first class; from roughing it out in small dingy hotels in villages like Karaikudi down South to staying in a tent in Leh Ladakh…We have done it all with a smile on our faces and love in our hearts. These are just some of the million reasons I love you…You are the reason behind my smile and you are why our journey together has been so happy and fulfilled. I feel blessed to have you as my soul mate and partner for life, today, everyday and forever …Happy Birthday…Love You Always…

Check out his post:

It’s the dream to find that one person you can spend all your life with, no? This couple sure is such goals!