Content creators and influencers work day and night to fulfil their dreams and aspirations. We have seen so many creators work relentlessly to achieve their goals and when they do, we feel nothing but proud. In the past year, a lot of talented creators got themselves a new space or moved into beautiful new houses. They started a new journey of their lives and we couldn’t be happier! Plus, imagine the kind of awesome virtual house tours they can give us, that would be super cool, right? So, if you are looking to create a dream space for yourself in the future, here’s all the inspo you need. Here’s a list of creators who just got a beautiful space for themselves and honestly, it’s the most wholesome thing you’ll see today.

Check them out!

1. Juhi Godambe

After 12 years of togetherness, Juhi Godambe and her partner Siddharth Jain has finally moved in together in a new place! Juhi and Siddharth’s relationship has always been goals and watching them take this lovely step together has me gushing. I can’t wait for Juhi to give all her fans a beautiful virtual home tour.

2. Debasree Banerjee

Debasree is a talented content creator and entrepreneur whose beauty content has caught the eye of millions. Very recently she started a new journey of her life as she and her family moved into a beautiful new home. She also posted a series of pictures from the pujo at her house on her feed. Honestly, it was so wholesome!

3. Sakshi Sindwani

This home tour video has left me shook! Can we please talk about how awesomely designed her house looks? I am currently obsessing over her interiors and can’t get over the full video that she has posted on her YouTube channel. If I ever buy myself a new place, I am gonna defo look at her home tour video for decor inspiration.

4. Savi and Vid a.k.a BruisedPassports

This adorable traveller couple shared a few pictures from their moving day on Instagram and their caption melted my heart. Not just that, they also have a new Instagram page called @bruisedpassports_home where they keep sharing glimpses of their beautiful home. I assure you, this page is every aesthetic person’s dream come true! 😛

5. Radhika Seth

What a heartfelt picture this is! Sometime back, Radhika moved into a new apartment in Mumbai and shared this moving day picture on her Instagram. I can totally relate to what a mammoth task unpacking is but it’s nothing compared to the excitement one feels while entering a new home. Now, I am starting a petition for Radhika to give us a virtual house tour!

6. Viraj Ghelani

Viraj Ghelani is a phenomenal content creator and he has achieved so much love and fame solely through his efforts and dedication. Not just that, as an independent content creator he was also able to purchase an awesome new house for himself, isn’t that super motivating? Viraj, it’s time for you to give us a proper glimpse of your new space! 😛

7. Sravya Attaluri

Happiness doesn’t only come from new houses, it also comes from beautiful new spaces and studios that creators and artists put together from scratch. Sravya is a young mental health advocate, artist and content creator who recently got herself a new creative studio that she put together all by herself. In my live session with her, she gave me a small tour of her studio and trust me, I was mesmerised. Tbh, it was so pretty, aesthetic and homely!

The cool new spaces that these creators got for themselves have really left me inspired. I find it truly wholesome when people start a new journey in their lives. According to you, which creator should put out a virtual house tour video? Tell us in the comments below!

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