Here’s Why We’re Excited For Amit Sadh & Ronit Roy Starrer 7 Kadam

Here’s Why We’re Excited For Amit Sadh & Ronit Roy Starrer 7 Kadam

Pallavi Manoj
Amit Sadh and Ronit Roy in 7 Kadam
Amit Sadh and Ronit Roy in 7 Kadam

At the forefront, 7 Kadam may look like any other sports drama. But it isn’t. It is far removed from anything that you could’ve seen in Bollywood so far. By the end of the trailer, you will definitely want to know more about what happens. The premise is simple. An aged football player who had to give up his dreams due to an unforeseen tragedy that happened to him now dreams of making his son the biggest football player the country has seen. The show promises a narrative that brings forth different aspects of life – love, ambition, success, determination, perseverance, grit, priorities, dreams, and more.

After watching the trailer and a few songs from the movie, here’s what I’m really looking forward to:

Amit Sadh & Ronit Roy

At the end of the day, this looks like a story that talks about the bond between a father and son. While that sounds simple enough, the sports drama bit is what adds the vigour to the story. I just caught glimpses of Ronit Roy and Amit Sadhs acting in the trailer and it was enough to get me super excited for what’s to come. It looks like their outstanding performances are one of the main highlights of the show.

The Life Of A Football Player

Football is a sport that the entire world is obsessed with. While there have been many Hollywood movies and documentaries about the sport, there haven’t been any in India. With 7 Kadam we get to see the growth and life of a football player, the unseen journey, and an engaging tale of a sportsman like never before.

The Songs

My favourite song from the show is Chakala Wakala. The song sounds good enough to be the theme song of the next Football World Cup and it is most certainly going to be the new motivational anthem. The song is composed and sung by Harshit Saxena.

Take a look at the song below:

Another song that I have been listening to on loop is called Ore Mon, soulfully rendered by Shreya Ghoshal and Keshav Kumar. It’s a sweet romantic number that features Amit and Deeksha Seth.

Check out the song below:

The Initiative Behind The Movie

For the unaware, this show is an all-around dedication to football lovers all around India. The trailer shows us the trail of emotions between a father and son who both have similar dreams but different ideologies. But Eros Now has decided to take it a step ahead and bring a treat to all football lovers by giving them one-year of free coaching at Bhaichung Bhutia Football School. A competition on Twitter called 7 Kadam moves will be held from 17th March to 26th March and winners will be announced on 31st of March. Bhaichung Bhutia will announce one winner from Mumbai and one from Delhi and provide them training for the whole year.

Eros Now‘s 7 Kadam is definitely going to be on my binge-watch list.

Check out the trailer of the show:

All episodes of the show are currently streaming on Eros Now. Click here to watch all episodes of the show.

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